Quote of the Day: The inevitable backlash against political correctness


Quote of the Day comes from a member of the Bolt Report Supporters Group forum, and we are quoting it in full with his permission:

“I think that anyone who doesn’t understand the AFL’s double standard stance on gestures to the crowd, should be sent to a Greens Party gulag to be re-educated. Re-education would, in part, consist of endless loops of Greens political speech recordings, with particular emphasis on those by SHY.

In the unlikely event of the person remaining unbroken, a further period of forced indoctrination by the likes of the current Labor front bench should do the trick. The now broken citizen would then be able to attend the footy and fully accept the weak, PC bullsh@@ promulgated by the AFL hierarchy.”

It is important that people continue to speak out against the double standards and political correctness gone mad we are seeing from the AFL. Having communicated with a lot of Australians over the last three months, we are perceiving that while left wing parties, organisations and activists are moving to the left, along with formerly apolitical or purely commercial organisations, the rest of Australia is not moving with them, and looks on, aghast.

A very strong backlash against all of this may happen sooner rather than later.

In the words of my fellow editor, Jeremy Morgan:

“I think people are getting fed up with the hysterical nonsense coming from the left. We have noticed a quite a considerable change with ‘GetUp!’ recently. I have disliked it for years, but they have become absolutely hysterical, and openly hateful over the last few months.

After the Liberal party room decision re same sex marriage, they posted a meme attacking Abbott and said that it would neither be ‘forgiven nor forgotten’.

That’s getting into crazy land…”

Regarding today’s drama and backdown over the proposal to check people’s Visas around Flinders Street, Jeremy has this to say:

“It is ironic that the left has seized upon this. They have gone absolutely feral, and we’re going to hear about it for the next few days. But they will actually continue to alienate most Australians who want to be generous to refugees and those in need, but also want to protect our nation and its sovereignty.”

This alienation will hurt left wing organisations, it will hurt the Greens, and it will definitely hurt Labor. As a Liberal voter, this doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. But as an Australian, I hope that the Labor Party can reject the lurch into cultural authoritarianism. Australia needs to have its two dominant parties deeply committed to freedom of expression, no matter how obnoxious, offensive, or even divisive, because it is this pluralism that will soothe the worst it, and ensure, dare I say it, social harmony.

It’s your XYZ.