Marriage Equality Now!


Authorities are remaining tight lipped about the latest bail application to come before the Courts, after a man with a history of violence who has absconded from bail three times previously, was let out of prison on weekend release by a County Court judge, to attend his own wedding. In an outcome that took the Judge by surprise, once released from jail, the man, who was facing serious charges at trial the following week, declined to return.

Whilst details are still sketchy, XYZ has learned the latest such bail application is being made on the grounds that ‘marriage equality’ is denied to prisoners being held on indefinite sentences who wish to gay marry.

imageSaid one prisoner, who wanted to be known only as “Sally,” and who spoke to us via a smuggled i-phone from inside Barwon Prison, “I just want our right to marriage equality recognised. My partner and I have already applied to have our ceremony in Alaska, and promise to return after the honeymoon. I hope we come before the same County Court judge. Ohhh… and if anyone out there has advice on a hat and accessories that would go well with a plus sized beige off the shoulder number I’d be very pleased to hear it.”