Burning the Australian flag


Demonstrators clashed today in Bendigo over the proposal to build a large Mosque with the capacity to accommodate up to two thousand religious adherents, in a city that has only a small handful of practicing Muslims.

The protest culminated with the burning of an Australian flag – a predictable cliche of leftist demonstrations.

One of the most disturbing angles on this event, is the question of why leftist and socialist groups have been so invested in defending Islamism, when their values appear to be so diametrically opposed. Whether one considers the rights of women, or the rights of homosexuals (the purported bread and butter issues of the so-called ‘progressive’ left), Islam and progressive politics go together like oil and water.
So what is going on here?

The burning oFlag-burning_w480f the Australian flag provides us with an answer. Following the teaching of Marx and his disciples, the uncomfortable fact is it’s the Left’s goal to destroy society as we know it, in order to build a new society and utopia.

The left and Islamism are united by their burning hatred of Christianity and Western Culture, and their goal to destroy both. The left, clouded by it’s idealism naively sees Islam as a tool, and seeks to harness it as a weapon in its own plan.

Make no mistake, the left and Islam are completely and utterly at odds. Islamic leaders are quite open about their despising of the modern, progressive West, yet are happy to use the left as useful idiots in the meantime. If Islam ever manages to conquer the West, their leftists allies will be the first to have their heads separated from the rest of their bodies.

The left is not as open about the fact that their values are so at odds with that of Islam, but my hunch is with the loosening and lubrication of a few drinks after socialist alternative meetings, their true feelings and distaste of Islam is exposed. Should the left manage to overthrow Western civilisation, they will then have to contend with the spectre of Islam, a battle which they will be utterly unable to win.

The alliance between the left and Islamism can be summed up with the old proverb that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

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