The Animal Farm of Big Government


Australian politics has recently shown, by example, just how wasteful government is.

Government, as an institution, has become synonymous with ever increasing size, wastefulness, bureaucracy and entitlement.

It’s not just entitlement for any poor Muslim in the world (who is by UN definition born as a could be refugee), or newborn Aborigine child who has been harmed before birth by other Australians who are not yet even born, nor entitlement of Australian retirees sitting in McMansions collecting the pension.

It’s also entitlement for politicians, who must maintain multiple residencies, travel extensively for work, claim expenses so they can fund-raise and so much more. Basically, those in the know know that the Government is a trough, and its such a lucrative trough white people can turn black (if only in their minds) and they get a front row spot at the trough. People run for their lives even when they are perfectly safe in order to get to the trough.

Our Green friends are the pigs from Orwell’s farm. All men are created equal, they proclaim, as they simultaneously establish a pecking order of inequality and special needs to equalise the imbalance. There is dignity in the trough, they pr11817129_10153083430322336_5493882973642103211_noclaim, although you need to wallow in the muck of the political sty and the stinky slops of your own pronounced disadvantage to qualify.

The Greens, like most politicians, are rorters in it for personal gain. The system weeds out those who cannot make the ethical compromises to graduate into power.

The Liberal Democrats call for smaller government, advising that Government is wasteful and corrupt, and needs to be kept as small as possible. But the industry of self serving politicians, of disadvantage and equality victims and victimhood enablers will have none of it.

So next time you see politicians wallowing in their own filth, don’t be surprised to see the counterparts doing the same. They are united in many instincts, and cannot be trusted to push for reductions in the size of the trough.

If you are sick of systemic victimhood and entitlement abuse, don’t look to the pigs for answers.