Aboriginal leaders say ‘no’ to gay marriage


Today, the “First Australians and the Traditional Custodians of the Land gave Parliament a traditional ‘bark petition’, a living document in both English and the chosen Aboriginal language of Pitjantjatjara.”

“The Aboriginal leaders and elders call for Parliament to respect the culture, her11870807_807608156018980_4733427057136553450_nitage and teachings of the Aboriginal people, who see marriage as between a man and a woman.”

This will make things very interesting over the days to come. How will the diversity and inclusion police respond?

I can’t wait to hear what the Greens and Penny Wong have to say in response to this statement, but my hunch is that they will ignore it in line their usual patronising posture when ‘diverse’ communities say something out of line with politically correct dogma.

It’s the XYZ.

Source: The Marriage Alliance


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