Greek ‘yes’ vote is Russian Roulette (with fully loaded gun)


In Sunday’s referendum, over 60 per cent of Greek voters voted down the deal with the EU and its proposed bailout package.

Commentators have stated that this, and recent events see Greece drift into uncharted territory.

“UnchartedGreece Roulette” may be correct, but whatever territory it is, it will not be very conducive to human life (and flourishing). The celebrations in Greece in the wake of the ‘no’ vote victory mask the ironic fact that Greece has opted to play Russian roulette with the EU with a fully loaded gun.

Due to Greece’s refusal of the EU bailout, the EU Central Bank has announced it will not be providing additional funds to Greek banks. As a result of the Greek decision, Greek banks will run out of money over the next couple of days.

As Greeks celebrate in the streets this week over the ‘no’ vote victory, these celebrations could turn to riots and civil unrest this time next week as Greeks run out of money, food and medicine. The humanitarian crisis could be immense.

Sadly the Greek government, and its people have brought this tragedy onto themselves, a tragedy this is becoming increasing absurd and self-defeating.

Whilst Greece plays out its drama on the world stage, it seems intent on drawing not only the European Union into its performance, but the whole world.