With friends like these…


Poor Bill Slogan, his stocks among the comrades, union bully boys and compassionate luvvies are now so low he can’t even give a speech before his own party’s faithful without being booed off the podium.

Now he knows what it’s like to be a Coalition politician on a Q&A panel. In fact, the comparison is not a800px-Bill_Shorten_at_WA_Senate_launch_2014-03-23 bad one, in that the ALP conference is a lot like a Q&A audience in many ways, being made up of unionists and progressive types out of place in Australian suburbia everywhere except Newtown and Fitzroy, and wherein any reference to turning back asylum seeker boats draws hoots of derision, whilst any Greens representative is cheered the moment their lips begin to move in anticipation of vocalisation.

In our humble opinion Bill is making the right call here on asylum seeker policy, and it is the most compassionate option which will stop thousands of people dying at sea, despite the hollow calls and moral posturing of the left.

Furthermore, it’s what the voters want and demand from their leaders, and it’s what the current government has delivered – it’s the Labor party members who are irrelevant and out of touch.