Surprise! Q&A audience not representative of Australian population.


You would never know it if you (foolishly) took a Q&A audience as representative of the voters of Australia.  But it seems the PM, and Coalition government, are absolutely on the right tram (so to speak) in seeking to strip terrorists who claim to be Australians of their citizenship.  They have the support of the vast majority of the electorate for the measure, as even begrudgingly acknowledged by yesterday’s Sneering Morning Herald.

imageWhilst in the parallel universe that is the pre-production meeting for the Q&A team, and in the patently unrepresentative swill (to borrow a former PM’s quip) that is a Q&A audience, a sentence strung together by Zaky Mallah, even if only partially grammatically correct and having the IQ of something approaching that of raw meat, attracts rapturous applause.

In the real world inhabited by actual voters, who actually work real jobs, for a real living, and pay real taxes, Zaky and Q&A just don’t stack up.  Meanwhile, Steve Ciobo speaks the forthright truth and Tony Abbott puts forward policies agreed to by the vast majority of the electorate.

Could that have anything to do with the result of the last federal election? Have the ABC even noticed that outcome, or were they too preoccupied with the next gotcha moment, or promoting the Killing Season among their target audience (something akin to a CFMEU rally meets the next World Wildlife Fund fundraising cocktail party)?