Shocking: CIS-gendered male fails to adequately celebrate transgendered female’s courage!


In a new move toward absolute compliance of their social agenda, 21st century totalitarians are now actively assessing the adequacy of one’s applause at public events celebrating progressive achievements.

imageThose, like former NFL athlete Brett Favre, caught on film offering only lukewarm acclamation as Caitlyn Jenner accepted a bravery award for rearranging his / her genitalia, can expect public shaming – for now. As leftist love-ins become more and more like a Nuremberg rally, with the conformity police scanning the footage afterwards for offenders, publicity agents are warning their clients to adopt an especially joyous persona whenever same sex marriage is mentioned at a public event, and to consider calling out ‘bravo’ or perhaps cheering for an encore, whenever an award or public recognition of some description goes to a ‘minority.’

Agents further warn that excuses, like ‘I’m just a football player’ or ‘I’m just a scientist,’ simply won’t appease the Stasi-like comrades of today’s press gallery. ‘Inclusion and tolerance’ is essential today, one celebrity agent told XYZ. ‘It’s quite simple really, those who can’t be inclusive and can’t be tolerant, simply can’t be included and can’t be tolerated.’

Yes, indeed. Which way to the Gulag then comrade?