The left’s abandonment of liberalism


What do leftists do when someone questions progressive orthodoxy and ‘correct thought’?

You got it – they call them names, smear, and slander them!447px-BillMaherSept10

Far from entering into constructive dialogue with those with differing views, it appears many leftists have a penchant for branding and name calling.

The XYZ supports freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, after all, these are amongst the ‘liberal’ values that the modern West was founded upon. Sadly, these values are threat in Australia and the West more broadly.

Surely we should had the opportunity to have respectful dialogue with those whose opinions differ? I am thankful for those people who I am able to discuss important issues with and respectfully disagree.

Last year, we saw clear examples of what the left will do to it its own when they cross the line of liberal dogma. Bill Maher and Michael Moore, both pin-up boys of the left were branded as ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’ and bigoted’ when they raised concerns about the impact and violence of militant Islamism.

I was embarrassed for Ben Affleck after his emotional and irrational tirade on Maher’s TV show. Affleck made a goose of himself by continually interrupting Maher, his unwillingness to engage in dialogue, and resorting to slander and name calling.

When women’s rights, freedom of religion, and freedom to just live are pitted against the violent actions of Islamic extremists, the left has decided the ‘religion of peace’ is a protected species, and thus outranks the rest.

As Bill Maher rightly retorted, “shouldn’t liberals be guided by liberal values?” Well, of course, they should!

But liberalism appears to be no longer ‘liberal’. It is no longer tolerant. It is not concerned about the right to life. It does not invite open dialogue, but seeks to suppress it. It has become a political posture, smug and sure in its own intellectual and moral superiority, yet wilfully lacking in any self awareness and any ability to be self-critical.

If political liberalism is no longer ‘liberal’. Does it actually have a future?