Meet the Greens


Its 2022, and after years of struggle, the Greens have finally come to power in Australia.

Mines are heavily taxed or shut down. Welfare flows to the needy. The rich are taxed an appopriate but fair share. Australia meddles only positively in international affairs. The armed forces have been largely disbanded. Free speech within accepted parameters is enjoyed by all.

imageUnless exempt by religious or cultural practices (and there is a minister for this), all people are treated as genderless people. The only discrimination is positive discrimination to help the needy (unless exempt by religious or cultural practices). Negative messages (unless exempt by religious or cultural practices) are not permitted in the media in order to protect the impressionable.

Contact sports have been banned. Cigarettes and alcohol are a scourge of the past. The nation is vegetarian (unless exempt by religious or cultural practices). Fossil fuel use and extraction is a thing of the past. Education is free and mandated for all (unless exempt by religious or cultural practices).

The nation is a shining beacon for the world and has been proud to accept vast, uncapped amounts of appreciative refugees and migrants from all over the globe. Political discourse operates within acceptable boundaries, the economy and government provide sustainable growth, sustainable production, environmentally friendly food and housing, and more than enough for all.

The world looks on admiringly, and knows that the battle against the small minded bigots was worth it.

It is heaven on earth, almost a utopia.

It’s hard to believe..