Food For Thought – Amber Heard Cries Out In Pain As She Strikes You

Want to see Amber get what she deserves? #MeToo. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Over the last seven weeks I have been one of millions of people glued to the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial. Whilst I feel I could’ve been doing something more productive with my time in retrospect, it was more interesting than listening to the lengthy InfoWars deposition testimonies in the Sandy Hook defamation cases.

The jury will recommence deliberations on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend however the trial can be summed up in three short headlines:

Johnny Depp has absolutely slaughtered Heard in the court of public opinion, with social media professing billions upon billions of posts in support of Depp contrasted with mere millions of posts in support of Heard.

As has been pointed out during the trial, Depp has a consistent record with ALL of his prior partners of being a man devoid of committing spousal abuse. As was outlined during the trial Depp, who was often a target of abuse by his mother growing up, would go to great lengths to refrain from fighting back.

The sole person who has ever made exaggerated claims of “sexual abuse”, “physical abuse”, “psychological abuse” and “emotional abuse” is Amber Heard.

Amber Heard, who has been offered up as an “ACLU Ambassador for Women’s Rights”, has pretty much been her own worst enemy in this trial.

She has been unable to articulate any congruent testimony that supports her ever more grandiose claims of abuse. The “evidence” she has supplied, such as photos depicting ostensibly non-existent “injuries” which she repeatedly maintained were acquired from Johnny Depp beating her with “big chunky rings” until she lost count, is both not compelling and borders on delusional.

The claim of her being “sexually assaulted” by a “whiskey bottle” until she bled vaginally was failing so bad to gain traction with the jury that by the closing statements the emphasis had shifted from “sexual abuse” to “emotional abuse”.

The ONLY sorts of thick rimmed glasses wearing weirdos still on team Amber are the likes of their ABC (let that sink in).

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