Food For Thought – Real Workers Are Racists, Fascists And Anti-Semites

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

Recently I’d noticed some fliers pop up around town for the “Freelance Journalists Union” associated with the IWW (aka “The Wobblies”), which ostensibly consists of people associated with the failed librarian ANTIFA blogger who has an affinity for the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU).

To be fair it isn’t out of the norm to see these sorts of anarchist fliers when you live in a town with a Trades Hall, but at least we have a lower regional unemployment rate than at the state and federal level, which translates into less assclownery by AUWU members than those dwelling in the city.

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

As someone who previously was elected a Job Representative by twenty-five card carrying members at a private care facility for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (an ACTU affiliated union), I can safely say the centralized system approved union power in this country has become a joke amongst most real workers derived from the nation’s founding stock.

No I’m not talking about those who get a “Welcome to Country” or “Acknowledgement of Country” from whatever muppet is giving a speech on behalf of Trades Hall in the current year.

It goes beyond mere support for “diversity training”, which inculcates workers on the kosher certified belief that “White privilege” and “racism” is the culprit behind the dismantling of workers’ rights.

As I’ve previously noted about those in this power structure who support the black bloc Talmudic trust-fund Trotskyites, neo-blackbirding is being pro-actively sought by the open-border devotees to break the back of the White working class organizing in this country.

In the case of my own industry (aged-care) where the last state protections on private sector ratios were abolished under Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett, ratios have been ranging between 9+ residents to 1x staff member during the day and 25+ residents to one staff member during the night. In contrast, public ratios (still protected at the state and federal level) see to 6x residents per 1x staff member during the day and 15x residents per 1x staff member during the night.

If any White Australian worker has an issue with that, management will gladly show you the door and bring in subsidized overseas workers whom they can hold a visa over.

It should be noted Kennett supported the Marxist hordes who’d assaulted the elderly pensioners attending a Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party meeting at Hawthorn town hall back in 1998. No wonder that prick doesn’t give to shits about aged care priorities.

Fact is, workers who are not hoodwinked by this propaganda that pollutes pattern recognition, particularly with respect to group inclinations and aptitudes, are intrinsically “racist”. Those workers who have the time of day to discern with said pattern recognition as to whom is screwing them and their families over usually come to be called “anti-Semites” also.

Food For Thought

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