A Ryan Rant – Episode 128 – Never Again? More Like Never Happened!


Genocides such as that committed in the Khmer Rouge killing fields of Cambodia left an unspeakable amount of forensic evidence supporting the atrocities which took place.

Yet a supposed historical event substantiated solely by Zionist Allied courts, Hollywood movies, occupation approved school textbooks, and the organised criminal syndicates parasitically suckling at the teat of the plutocratic state whilst suppressing the liberties of gentiles, lacks congruity to say the least.

Even if the logistically ludicrous allegation of industrial scale slaughter using one of the most difficult forms of execution actually happened, the stupefying explanation as to why millions of kosher corpses were not found requires the same suspension of disbelief it takes to think Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea.

Not only that but when not even half of the official demographic figure resided in said occupied territory during the time period, it takes a huge amount of ignorance or cognitive dissonance to buy such bald-faced bullcrap.

As this intergenerational scam is used to annex ancestral lands and resources from gentiles for the enrichment of transnational Zionism, it isn’t beyond the scope of belief to foresee where these bastards seek to erect their future memorial “mitzvah” billboards.

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