ScoMo names the Islam


In the wake of the Bourke Street diversity incident on Friday, Scott Morrison has acknowledged the bleeding obvious – Islam is a barbaric, foreign religion which has no place in society.

Well, not quite, but he is at least getting there:

“But I’ve got to address the real issue here, I’ve got to call it out – radical, violent, extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life.

“I am the first to protect religious freedom in this country, but it also means I must be the first to call out religious extremism.

“But here in Australia we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism, in this country, is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam.

“There is a special responsibility on religious leaders to protect their religious communities and to ensure that these dangerous teachings and ideologies do not take root here. They must be proactive, they must be alert and they must call this out, in their communities and more broadly for what it is.”

It is the standard fare we get from politicians whenever they are forced to acknowledge the camel in the room; ‘It’s just the violent extremist Muslims we are concerned about, we love peaceful Muslims and will continue to import them by the hundreds of thousands into the country because Australia is the most successful multicultural nation in the world.’

And it has been met with the standard weaselwords from muslim apologists. Idiot Anne Aly has given us this pearler:

“Mr Morrison needed to do a little bit of terrorism 101 … and know what he’s talking about before he starts dividing communities and pointing fingers at radical Islam.”

The thing is, regular Aussies have done their research on Islam. We know that Islam’s violence comes from its core teaching. Muslims who commit terror are not so-called ‘extremists’ – they are following Islamic teaching to “kill them wherever you find them” to the letter. We know that the concept of the tiny radical Muslim minority is a myth. We know that Mohammad was a pedophile.

We know that the koran 5:32, the passage of the koran which Muslim apologists manipulate in order to argue that Islam is peaceful, actually has the direct opposite meaning to what they claim – far from saying that ‘to kill one innocent life is as though to kill all humanity’, it actually gives muslims licence to kill, and the passages before and after 5:32 confirm this.

We understand the four stages of gradual Muslim conquest – when they are a minority they are obsessed with minority rights, but when they are a majority, there are no minority rights. And we know that Islam actually has a word for jihad by immigration – hijra – and muslims openly boast that they will win the demographic war.

It is because Aussies have done their research on Islam that Scott Morrison has even acknowledged it at all. It is because of people like you, dear reader, that some semblance of the truth, carefully framed as it was by ScoMo, has been allowed to slip past the gatekeepers. The challenge from here is to keep the pressure on and keep pushing the Overton Window.

How far do we need to push? This quote last year from Haaretz gives us some idea:

“It follows that the commonly heard claim in Israel – that the lesson to be gleaned from the Holocaust is that “we need a strong IDF” – is false. It is, in fact, a childish notion. Factually, what saved Jews from the Nazis’ talons was the possibility of escaping to other countries that provided them with a haven in different ways, whether it was the Soviet Union, China, the United States or Mandatory Palestine. At the more fundamental level, then, what could have saved more Jews during the Holocaust was not the IDF but more open borders.

This is the key point: If there is a simple practical lesson to be learned from the Holocaust, it’s the need for open borders. It’s a lesson that is acutely relevant today, as the world once more fills up with millions of refugees who had the bad luck to be born in countries that fell into the hands of murderous regimes or that suffer from repeated political upheavals. And even more so, during a period in which the world’s borders are being closed again, and political parties hostile to migrants threaten to take power in country after country.”

This is chilling. Open borders kill a nation. Thus, this author states that the way to prevent another Holocaust is to kill European countries with open borders. When I talk of pushing the Overton Window, this is what I mean. Acknowledging the violence at the heart of Islam is child’s play. Challenging the way the narrative of the holocaust has been manipulated to force European countries into opening their borders to Islamic hijra will be the next battle.