Food For Thought – Hollywood’s Robin Hood An Antifa Globalist


Last night my brother and I went to see the pre-screening of Robin Hood, starring Targon Egerton (Robin Hood), Jamie Foxx (Petit Jean) and Ben Mendelsohn (The Sheriff of Nottingham).

To quote The Simpsons Comic Book Guy:

“Worst. Film. Ever!”

It caused me to write this review on my Minds social media account (FYI Minds has marked me “mature content” hence the red “explicit” mark on the comment):

Now before Slackbastard groupies begin to call me crazy, check out this article by Katie Walsh which just got published by the Tribune News Press:

Every generation gets the Robin Hood it deserves, and the 2018 “Robin Hood” is sleek, modern and retrofitted for a radical political landscape. Take in that Shepard Fairey-inspired wanted poster, the woodcut-style closing credits sequence rendered in Constructivist shades of red and black, our masked, hooded hero hurling Molotov cocktails, and you just might wonder: “Is Robin Hood antifa?”

But Robin Hood has always been anti-fascist, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, living with his pals in Sherwood Forest while battling against the tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham and disrupting abusive systems of power. He’s the very definition of a radical leftist activist. The new iteration maintains the medieval setting while bringing the classic story to a contemporary thematic landscape, using a street art aesthetic and early Soviet cinematic references to position the landed lord of Loxley as a proletarian hero.

As I reiterated this time last week in “Food For Thought – Antifa Is A Tool Of The System”:

Where once the traditional Left agitated to secure worker’s wages and living standards from being diluted down by open border immigration, ANTIFA and their allies routinely agitate for this policy on behalf of rich “globalists” looking to break up cohesive nation-states in order to drive down wages.

This is also why ANTIFA zealously promotes intersectional politics while simultaneously psychopathologising “Whiteness” to divide nationalists and unite the riff-raff that makes up the “globalist” proxy army.

Who would’ve thought current year Robin Hood was actually a globalist foot-soldier being bankrolled by billionaire oligarchs. Never saw it coming…NOT!

Food For Thought.