Food For Thought – Fight Fire With Fire

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Tucker Carlson, the most popular conservative pundit in America, dubbed a “White Supremacist Neo-Nazi” by the J-Left, last week reported on a Democrat senior staffer on Capitol Hill being arrested for disseminating doxed data about Republican Senators:

News like this will always be filtered from the lying lips of the legacy media, whose very existence serves to pave the way for Communist espionage, warfare and criminalisation of speech that threatens their power (aka speech that is factual, compelling and complimentary of White culture).

But thanks to milquetoast musers like ‘totally not racist’ Tucker, who remind us of the potent truism put forth by Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1952 at the National Republican Convention that:

“And even if there were only one Communist in the State Department, that would still be one Communist too many.”

…Invective insurgents like myself can tell you to grab a copy of James Mason’s Siege and do the maths on “Universal Order”. Fighting fire with fire is a better strategy than waiting to get burnt over by the Dems and cry about it later.

Food For Thought.

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