FINALLY! Australian Journalist Names Left Wing Extremism


I’ve been justly critical of the Australian press in their coverage of far left extremists. Near every time the radical left take to the streets [violently or not] the Aussie fourth estate seems perpetually uninterested in exposing the sometimes very obvious links to Australia’s nutty Marxist fringe.

Well credit where credit is due, Chip Le Grand, the former sports reporter turned Victorian editor for The Australian, has managed to upstage his journalistic brethren by actually doing some journalism.

I know, I was shocked as well. Apparently it takes an American-born import with a funny French name in the person of Mr Le Grand to do the jobs Australian journos simply refuse to do.

But you shouldn’t be too surprised. In this case the far-left has gone beyond all parody.

Victorian parliament house photo
Photo by alandot

Avi Yemini, a former Israeli army officer, is organising a rally on the steps of the Victorian state parliament on Sunday to push for tougher bail and sentencing laws and the deportation of immigrants convicted of violent crimes.

Mr Yemini and quite a few of his friends it seems feel that the Premier Dan Andrews hasn’t exactly been doing his duty in regards to law and order. Not a particularly radical opinion in Victoria today, it must be said.

The far-left extremist Socialist Alternative and the few dozen foul smelling dregs of humanity that make up Melbourne’s anarchist movement have decided that this evil intolerance towards violent criminals cannot be allowed to stand. So they’ve decided to hold an anti-Nazi counter rally in favour of gay marriage.

That’s right. You read correctly. A gay marriage anti-Nazi rally is being held by violent black masked extremists against a Jewish immigrant protesting bail laws.

I’m not sure you can make this up.

And this is where Chip Le Grand deserves credit. Unlike other journalists he actually names the Socialist Alternative, Melbourne Anarchist Club and Freedom Socialist Party as the organisers of this farce. This is even more impressive since a quick look at some of his other articles would indicate that like most journalists, Mr Le Grand’s political sympathies lie more with the left than the right.

Before we go too far patting Mr Le Grand on the back, let’s point out that he doesn’t completely bell the cat. He printed lengthy quotes from Debbie Brennan and Chris di Pasquale without explicitly pointing out their well-known extremist backgrounds.

Debbie Brennan. From Independent Australia.

As XYZ reported some time ago, Debbie Brennan is not simply “a former teacher and community worker”, she’s also one of the craziest and longest serving left wing extremists in Australia. She wrote that while on a “work brigade” in 1985 for international Communist activists in Cuba, she discovered that Communism simply wasn’t extreme enough, and that what was really needed was an even nuttier Radical-Feminist version of Communism.

Since then, Debbie has worked to make this dream a reality, becoming the main organiser for both the Trotskyist Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women, a feminist group so extreme that it considers all heterosexual sex to be a form of rape.

Chris di Pasquale again as previously pointed out by XYZ, is not simply a “queer officer for the National Union of Students” but a prominent organiser for Socialist Alternative, the largest, most violent and most extreme far-left Marxist group in Australia today. This isn’t difficult to find out; Chris has been a prominent writer under his own name for the Socialist Alternative magazine since as far back as 2013.

While Chip at least pointed out the obvious, that these crazed, violent nutjobs in black masks are not “community organisers”, “anti-racists” or “equality campaigners” but are in fact the extremists that their appearance suggests, he could have pushed this unfamiliar “actual journalism” thing a touch further.

Chris di Pasquale. From Linkedin.

Considering the complete absurdity of this extreme left-wing protest and the fact that it is explicitly targeting a Jewish conservative activist, it might have been worth pointing out that Mr Di Pasquale in particular is one of the leaders of a group that was thrown off Monash University in 2014 for physically attacking Jewish students. It might even have been worth pointing out that Socialist Alternative has a track record of attacking Pro-Israel Jews like Avi Yemini on university campuses, going back as far as 2006.

But maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on poor Chip; in one article he seems to have done more actual research than any of his better credentialed colleagues in Melbourne have managed in a very long time. Let hope his example can help his lazier fellows to master the grand art of the Google search.

Let’s also hope that on Sunday the Reds go feral on camera as usual. Nothing could be more informative to the public than rainbow flags, angry screams and black-masked thugs on the evening news.

If we’re lucky it might even prod a few more of the supremely supine scribbling slobs that make up the Australian fourth estate out of their self-imposed slumber.