A Ryan Rant – Episode 30


Lefties like to chastise the Western world for being Islamophobic. But as these throwbacks migrate into Western nations I ask you: “What has Islam ever done for us?”

Apart from:

– Enslaving millions of white Christian Europeans during the Barbary slave trade
– Trafficking children for sexual exploitation

– Stoning women to death who are accused of adultery
– Committing grotesquely rampant acts of infanticide
– Throwing acid in the faces of women for not covering their faces
– Continuing to crucify Christians in the modern day
– Intergenerational incest causing a variety of birth defects
– Performing female genital mutilation on children
– Holding an almost exclusive market on suicide bombings
– Throwing homosexuals off buildings
– Child marriages to older males
– Repulsive slaughtering practices (Halal)
– and general rioting whenever civilised society doesn’t kowtow to their perverse religion of peace

What has Islam ever done for us?

To quote Pastor James McConnell:

“Islam is heathen. Islam is Satanic. Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.”