Food for thought – Fabian freaks champion our destruction

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Its nauseating to think that those who’d once have passed as exhibits in P. T. Barnum’s sideshow are now the primary beneficiaries of our decaying system.

These folk who suckle at the teat of the multiculturalism industry, are fundamentally profiting from a protection racket for the perpetually offended few (while sponsoring operations against the vast majority).

Whether it is the seizure of schooling curriculums, manipulation of mainstream media content or corruption of the legislative process, your taxes have assisted this pinko anti-white diversity shake-down.

These diversity rackets also “empower” Green Left agitators to get “crypto-fascists” fired from their jobs, steal their property, inflict injury, trick, sue, and destroy them totally.

Meanwhile our system apologises to the “78’er” gender bender Marxists who had their names publicised in the press 4x decades ago for being riotous rejects. Apparently the deviants of the past are now the determiners of evil in the present.

As our system caters to this continuous cuckold campaign to turn Australia’s white majority into a minority (which is being done in other diminishing white majority nations also), the tide appears to be changing.

Hopefully the revival occurs sooner rather than later.

Food for thought.