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On hot days, pigs figure out how to spray the water on the ground to make a mud wallow at Keenbell Farm, where they are pasture raised by 3rd generation farmer CJ Isbell in Rockville, VA, on May 6, 2011. The farm was established in 1951, and produces grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range eggs beyond organic standards. Keenbell Farms pork products range from sausage, to bacon, pork chops, roasts, bratwurst, and many more.  A majority of their diet is grass and roots. They are offered corn, soybean, minerals, and a hay mixture that was developed by the farm.  Raising the pigs on pastures reduces odor problems, and avoids hazardous waste issues by distributing the manure. Pastures are rotated at least, every 90 days to allow the grass and land to re-grow. Keenbell and other farms produce meat products for Fall Line Farms food hub that offer a wide variety of household food staples and specialty items. Members can pick their customized orders from an ever changing inventory of fruits, vegetables, meats, soaps, eggs, cheeses, flowers, honey, pastas, sauces, syrups, baked goods, mushrooms, flour and grains. Suppliers post what they have to sell on Lulus Local Food online listing where customers (who pay seasonal dues) can make their selection. Every Thursday, suppliers team up with other suppliers to deliver customized orders to, one of several pick-up points, designated by the customer in or around the Richmond area. USDA Photos by Lance Cheung.