Sombrero wearing racists exposed


So I was caught walking through the University campus in my city wearing a French beret… I know, what a callous racist pig I am, to be shamelessly appropriating the culture of the French (at least whist France exists in its present pre-Islamic Republic form). Naturally my defence was – Who would want to appropriate French culture anyway, shamelessly or otherwise? But guilty I was of inappropriate cultural appropriation. What an asshole am I.

Cue to the great sombrero disgrace. The joyless types who police – and I really do mean police – the thoughts of University students in this unfortunate part of what was once merry olde England, were reduced to tears at the cultural violence done to that proud Republic de Mexico, a nation having its origins all the way back in ancient times in 1824. Apparently some students, or visitors on campus, had the gall to wear the national headgear of that Republic, the sombrero, without actually holding a Mexican passport.

Just have a listen to the squeaky voiced union types who police the thoughts of their fellow students these days in East Anglia:

Chris Jarvis, democracy officer for East Anglia students’ union, told the student newspaper The Tab: “At the SU we want all members to feel safe and accepted, so at all events we try to ensure that there is no behaviour, language or imagery which could be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist.”

Well that leaves the playing field wide open when it comes to the popular postmodern sport of offence taking. What a blast it must be, to be young and not-so-free today, with po-faced pricks like this guy, just aching to have their feelings, or the feelings of some other emotional lightweight, hurt, so they can all take offence together. Isn’t the union wonderful kids? What fun Socialism is. Anyone feel like one of those less equal members of the barn in Animal Farm yet?

(Editor’s note: we hope you enjoy the cultural appropriation below.)