Winning the war on whiteness


It’s been years since I’ve listened to normie content.

I used to drink deep of the sophistry from Ted Talks and ABC Radio National. I’d read the literary supplements in the weekend broadsheets and keep up to date on the books that the Smart People were telling us plebs to read.

That was aeons ago now. Around the time of the global financial crisis, I began to see that Western cognoscenti are totally full of it. They have no idea what they’re talking about.

I saw that the educated class that administers Western societies lives in a reality bubble of their own construction; a simulacrum of the real world with ideologically-derived mental categories determining what facts are amplified and what facts are ignored.

They are brainwashed, and their job is to keep the population brainwashed, too.

Books such as The Righteous Mind by Jewish atheist Jonathan Haidt helped me along in my awakening. I highly recommend it.

I’ve spent the last decade and a half digging into those ignored facts, and it turns out they’re really quite important. One day, eventually, reality is going to catch up with Western elites, and the facts they’ve pretended don’t exist are going to bite them in the balls.

Until then, we precious few who care more for truth than social acceptance must endure living in a society going mad as it drowns in delusion. Our economics is fake. Our education system is fake. Our social welfare system is fake. Our legal system is fake. Our politics is fake. Our tax system is fake. Our healthcare system is fake. Our power grid is fake.

It’s all fake and gay at this point.

It surprised me, therefore, to find a normie history podcast that I can actually quite enjoy. It’s called The Rest is History, featuring popular (although sadly not populist) history writer Tom Holland and some bloke called Dominic.

The episode I caught recently was on the 90s. It’s amusing for many of us, I’m sure, that an era we remember quite well is now rich content for a history podcast. Such is life.

Tom was reflecting on a photo of 90s street life in Britain that he’d been pondering. He noted that one could see the profound changes that have occurred in Britain, “especially in demographics.”

Oops. Silence. Dominic quickly returned to the main topic. Silly Tom had let his talent for pattern recognition get ahead of him again and had uttered a forbidden fact.

Big Sister won’t have him dragged off to the mines like Big Brother did in the Soviet Union or Maoist China, of course. Big Sister doesn’t need to. Like all members of the educated class in the West, Tom knows very well that if he keeps noticing and talking about forbidden facts, his livelihood will be destroyed. He knows better than to do that, so he won’t. He’s got too much to lose.

At some point, of course, white people in the West are going to stop ignoring these suppressed aspects of reality and start to notice them en masse. Probably when they’ve got little left to lose.

It likely won’t be generations like mine who remember the heady days of 90s, cool Britannia and the promise of the millennium. That’s when we all collectively drank the identity Marxist Kool-Aid our teachers poured in our ears and began to suppress contrary facts in the first place. We all went home and watched Star Trek and thought liberal globalism would wipe away every distinction between humans and birth the perfect world. It was the 21st century, baby!

Sadly, we’re too far gone. It will be the young of today, or a future generation, who will wake up in the same way later generations after the Bolshevik and Maoist revolutions did when they became disillusioned with communist ideology.

Given the acceleration of immigration into Western societies in the last decade or so, it seems likely that the social engineers who created and enforce this system of mind control are betting that they can inundate the West with enough indifferent or outright hostile non-whites by the time the mass noticing occurs that it won’t matter. The project will have achieved its objective – its telos, as the Marxists would say. Its grand plan.

Utopia will have been achieved, and the war on whiteness will have been won.

It’s clear that the Western elite is experiencing a moral panic that their scheme for utopia is failing before real communism has even been tried. It turns out hyper-diversity isn’t leading to tolerance but instead to ethnoreligious hatred not seen in Australia since the battles between the Irish and British a century ago.

Apparently, it’s become so dangerous for Jews in Australia now that the government has had to appoint a special envoy to combat anti-Semitism, lawyer Jillian Segal.

Jillian says she’s ‘humbled and privileged’ at her appointment.

We can expect legislation to follow, of course. The Coalition wants Labor to go much further, stating that a judicial inquiry into anti-Semitism on university campuses is warranted.

These are the same universities that fund and promote ‘research’ that is constantly, consistently and comprehensively anti-white.

A cursory internet search reveals how thoroughly anti-white our universities have become. This is from a publicly-available webinar entitled ‘Whiteness in Education’, published by the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne in 2022:

In this talk Associate Professor Gerrard and Dr Rudolph advance the argument from their newly co-written book, Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State (Sriprakash, Rudolph & Gerrard, 2022 – Pluto Books), that whiteness is not innate, it is learned. The systems of white dominance that operate worldwide are not natural but created and maintained through social and political life. In this presentation they outline how material conditions, knowledge politics and complex feelings operate in education (both formal and informal) through pedagogies of the state to sustain systems of racial domination. Associate Professor Gerrard and Dr Rudolph offer an invitation to listeners to reckon with past and present politics of education to imagine a future thoroughly divested from racism.

This is exactly how Jews were talked about in the 1930s and 1940s. We know where this is headed. It’s what happened to Christians in Russia after 1917. There will be no envoy for us in the new utopia.

Jillian Segal was president of the powerful Executive Council of Australian Jewry, a right-wing Zionist lobby group in Melbourne. The left-wing Jewish Marxist lobby groups are displeased at a right-wing Jew being appointed to protect Israel, and so to please them, the Prime Minister has announced the imminent appointment of a special envoy to combat Islamophobia.

Some animals are just more equal than others.

Onward, comrades!

Onward to victory!

Originally published at Education Reformation.