Food for Thought – Lucky I’m an XYZ Guy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

After a multigenerational watering down of Western culture, to the point where our social institutions mirror the mental maelstrom of the vocal Marxist minority, one can’t help but sincerely ask the question, “Where has my country gone?”

Because it seems today that all you see is poz-riddled cuckold degeneracy. But considering globalists want right-wingers to die, is it any wonder I’m an XYZ Guy?

When did being a white cis-gender capitalist Christian male become a “crime against humanity”?

When did hope, reward and opportunity for passion and persistence become less of a priority than pandering to PC extortion from virtue-signalling victimhood junkies?

When did P. T. Barnum’s “Freaks of Nature” become less absurd than the entitled toddlers graduating university with a liberal degree in lesbian dance interpretation?

This long-term strategy to flatten the citizenry’s buttons of outrage, disgust and disapproval in order to normalise absurd levels of tolerance to abhorrent behaviours is why our civilisation needs to abstain from appeasing agitators and reclaim the culture.

Food for thought.