Food for thought – Deprogramming dindu deviants

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Pernicious PC pariahs loyal to the Communist Kenyan (Obama) are desperately trying to derail the Trump inauguration so as to avoid the impending reality adjustment that awaits them once Trump takes the oath of office.

With these twisted trendies virtue-signalling for yet another racist BLM hate crime and the MSM normalisation of transgender paedophile sadomasochism, one can expect more satanic subversion from these perverted parasites unless some aversion therapy can be applied.

Having seen the depths of their cultic obsession with corroding culture and socialising suicide in 2016, one must wonder what it will take to shatter those delusions devised by their demonic deceivers.

Personally, I find the best remedy for terminating their depraved devotion to Cultural Marxism is to continue triggering their never-ending list of offences to life, and allow their own atrocious reactions to facilitate their nosedive into notoriety.

Food for thought.