Hillary Clinton Takes Stand Against Racism and Bullying

Hillary Clinton, man of the people.
Hillary Clinton, man of the people.

Mattys Modern Life

Whilst on an afternoon stroll Hillary Clinton, yesterday, was forced to kick a homeless man for wearing T-Shirt that displayed a pro-Trump slogan (will not be mentioned here as we don’t repeat hate speech). Hillary proved, once again, that she is a great woman by also smiling throughout the incident, showing the calm and poise required in a Head of State.

When pressed for comment on the issue she stated, “Trump is a bully, I was always taught to stand up to bullies. So when I saw this man wearing a pro-Trump T-Shirt, I felt the need to take a stand against bullying.”

The homeless man, Vietnam Veteran Charles Johnson, who despite having dark skin and black parents is in fact white, was surprisingly shocked by the incident. “I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when she comes up to me, with four big guys in suits and dark sunglasses, then starts kicking me with this big smile on her face.”

He continued, “She said something about Trump or something, I’m not sure. I guess she didn’t like my T-shirt? Not sure why, I guess she must prefer Nike. I’m an Adidas man myself, but I’m also a homeless man so I don’t get to choose what brand I wear,” proving again that Trump supporters are all stupid.

Democrats everywhere have condemned Mr Johnson as a racist, stating that his dark skin doesn’t dissolve him from his clear white privilege and racism.

A spokesman for Hillary made a statement a few hours after the incident:

“Hillary Clinton is a strong defender of women’s rights and fights against bigotry whenever and wherever she can. By wearing a T-shirt promoting Donald Trump, this man was telling the world that he hates women and is a bigoted racist. His unfortunate circumstances don’t excuse him from his own racism, sexism or bigotry. They merely confirm his White Privilege. We hope Hillary’s actions will make people think twice, in the future, before displaying symbols of hate.”

The XYZ interviewed a woman who was nearby to witness this man’s racist actions. Catherine Tonto, a lifelong Democrat, stated, “I think it’s just fantastic that Hillary is finally taking a real stand and taking real action against such horrible bigotry in our country. I think we need more action just like this for our nation to progress. Donald Trump enables this racism, and we must fight it, one person at a time if we need to.”

Black Lives Matter has joined the Democrats in condemning this man for his actions. Many members of the peaceful protest movement have taken to Twitter and Facebook to denounce the wearing of any racist hate symbols, and there is a general consensus that he “brought it upon himself.”

Twitter was in overdrive following the incident with many users tweeting their opinion and showing strong support for Hillary, although some claimed she didn’t go far enough:

HillaryisQueen tweeted: “You go girl! Fight racism and fascism! #TrumpisaFascist”

Robert Deniro Tweeted: “If only it was actually Trump, man, that would have been great to see! #PunchTrump #KickHarderNextime”

IheartIsis tweeted: “I am very glad Hillary is fighting against true hate in this country. Why is this man not in prison?” #TrumpisHate”

A few diehard Trump supporters attempted to argue that Hillary was in the wrong. However, these were rebutted quickly and easily by simply pointing out how racist they are for supporting Trump.

A snap poll taken by CNN following the incident shows that public sentiment is clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton. When asked the question, “Did Hillary do the right thing by kicking this homeless man or should she have punched him as well?” 70% of respondents felt that she did the right thing by kicking the man.

This incident comes in the wake of another hate-filled speech from Donald Trump the day before, where he once again called to protect the borders and lower taxes whilst horribly smearing Hillary, repeating the ludicrous claim that she committed a crime by keeping confidential emails on a private server.

“A nation is not a nation without borders,” he stated, in this racist and bigoted rant of a madman. He even went so far as to state, “I want to fight against corruption and reassert law and order in America,” showing once again that he knows nothing. In fact, 2015 was an all time record year for the law, with congress passing 81,611 lines of regulations, showing how ignorant and unfit for office he is.

Trump continued to make a fool of himself when he, again, repeated that he would like the United States to be friends with Russia, showing that he actually hates America, contradicting his own campaign slogan to make America Great Again. This reflected his position at the recent final debate that called for cooperation with Russia, and was wildly condemned as treasonous.

The Trump campaign attempted to ring The XYZ several times to make a statement on the issue. However, seeing as our office is a Safe Space, we were unable to obtain it.

The Race for the White House continues, long live the Queen.

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Photo by Gage Skidmore