Hajj deaths due to ‘fate’


The blame shifting has well and truly begun after the Hajj ‘pilgrimage’ crush which killed over 700 and injured at least an additional 900.

Scores of ‘pilgrims’ are trampled to death annually at the Hajj, the latest death toll being the largest since fifteen hundred were crushed to death in 1990.

Going by previous years, that scores were killed this year is no surprise to anyone. It seems that the Hajj and being crushed to death go hand in hand.

However, what is intriguing is the blame shifting which has been going on since the tragedy. As soon as news of the deaths broke, Iran was hot on the blower, blaming the Saudi authorities for the deaths due to ‘poor’ organisation.

The Saudi authorities then shifted the blame to the ‘pilgrims’ themselves, and one Saudi spokesman identified a group of ‘pilgrims’ of “African appearance” as being the culprits for starting the stampede.

But the latest news now coming from Saudi Arabia’s top Islamic leader should give comfort and re-assurance to all, as the tragedy was Allah’s will. In a statement provided by the ABC, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh reassured Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef saying:

“You are not responsible for what happened.”

“As for the things that humans cannot control, you are not blamed for them. Fate and destiny are inevitable.”

Well, isn’t that great.

Apparently the hundreds of deaths and injury were beyond human control. The Hajj organisers and ‘pilgrims’ are not to blame. In fact, no one is to blame, it was simply Allah’s will.

Since no one is to blame, and the deaths were beyond human control, and nothing could’ve been done to prevent them, we can be sure to see hundreds more deaths, maiming and injuries at the Hajj in future, as that is apparently Allah’s will, and human beings can do nothing to stop it.

No actual person ever appears to accept responsibility for actions and outcomes when it comes to Islam. Everyone else is to blame whether it is the infidel or kaffir, or fellow Muslims. It doesn’t seem to matter. Or else, it is the will of Allah.

It is starting to sound a lot like the Islamic version of “my dog at my homework, along with 700 hundred pilgrims”.



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