White Men On The Moon


White people are the only people in history who consistently universalise every principal of our lives. No matter what side of politics you are from or what religion you adhere to; if you are white you will universalise your position. Our enemies know this too. Universalising everything is both our strength and our Achilles heel.

The Golden Rule of treating other people the way we would like to be treated is how we express our powerful moral universalist instinct that comes naturally to us from our biospirit. When we invent aeroplanes, trains, automobiles, radios, telephones, computers, and spaceships we share our inventions with everyone in the world. When we scrunch our hair together into dreadlocks, nonwhites attack us for appropriating their inventions. You can’t make this up.

(Notice the propaganda television screen in the college turning our children into degenerates?)

If whites are on the political left we say ‘Everyone (every race) should have the right to live with us (in a white majority country).’

If whites are on the political right we say ‘Everyone (every race) should have the right to an autonomous homeland.’

When whites adopt or create a religion we say ‘Everyone can be saved and Everyone can be part of our religion and our god is a universal god and he loves ALL people.’

When non-whites create or adopt a religion they often say ‘We are the chosen people’ or the ‘special people’ and exclude other groups as the enemy of their religion or the ‘devil’ or as ‘cattle to be exploited’ etc.

When whites walked on the moon (or faked it) we said ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind’.

If Neil Armstrong was black he would have said ‘One small step for a black man, one giant leap for black men.’

When a white cop kills a black person, blacks say, ‘#BlACKLIVESMATTER’.

When a black cop kills a white person or when they murder, rape, loot and burn multiple cities down, whites say, ‘#ALLLIVESMATTER’.

When Trump came to office he said, ‘I will make America Great Again’.

When Obama came to office he said, ‘I will help black people and minorities’.

Our enemies know about our tendency to universalise everything so they encourage us to universalise the things that will benefit them like welfare, healthcare and hoes while attacking us for universalising the things that they don’t like such as the law and good manners.

It is our obsession with universalism that makes us vulnerable to our enemies’ promotion of Marxism and Globalism. ‘Let me create a Communist utopia where I rule over you with an iron fist and make sure you are all equal’ and ‘let the Corporate masters rule over you and exploit you all equally’. This sounds very appealing to white people until they think about it.

Our enemies had an easy task convincing us that ‘Racism’ is the greatest sin on Earth because it is a violation of Universalism. Now they are convincing us that only white people can be ‘Racist’ because universal principals only apply to us, and we violated it a hundred years ago so now our children are born guilty with the original sin of ‘racism’. Only a complete erasure of white people will result in universal happiness where everyone is equal and free again. This is how they justify white genocide to white people. The way they justify it to themselves is ‘We want more free stuff and hoes.’

The world is littered with the bones of a thousand lost white civilisations. This brings us to India. White tribes and empires came to India with great ideals. When their civilisation tried to universalise its founding principals it invariably disappears leaving only stone monuments, roads, buildings and statues for people of the future to destroy or ponder over and try to work out what happened and ask, ‘how did they built it?’

The city of Auroville is a microcosm of a real time civilisation that burst onto the scene in India last century and is now slowly returning to the jungle as the people who created it are replaced by their own universalist ideals. As Tim Murdoch from White Rabbit Radio explains, ‘Great Civilisations never die out, they just go brown.’