I for one will welcome our new Chinese overlords


Boomers be like, ‘B-b-but that’s… socialism!’

Whatever. You already live on a debt plantation with purple-haired land whale overseers who take half your shit to pay for gender transition surgery for crazy people’s kids. In the meantime, Mr Han knows there are no gays in China and pays no tax. They have one party. We have two.

Who’s free?

War is coming and this time America is going to lose.

It’s time to prepare for the Han imperium, boyim.

I’ll be boiling dim sims and practicing my nihaos, because right now rule by the Han is looking way more appealing than rule by the rootless cosmopolitans who rule America.

Don’t get me wrong. I love America. It was the best country in the world, after us. But America has become like that mate who used to be cool but then got a goth gf who used her thot sorcery to turn him into a mindless golem for the front hole.

The problem with America is that America doesn’t control America anymore. It’s occupied.

I had a bit of extra time on my hands recently and so I decided to check out this normie thing ‘entertainment’. Most of what I tried on Netflix was an abomination before my eyes, as you’d expect. But I alighted on one series which was Aussie, a plus, and wasn’t entirely shit. It was a spy/workplace drama about the American base at Pine Gap.

The premise of the show revolves around tensions between Australia and America as the Yanks push for World War III against China. Given that this show was written about spooks, there was no doubt some type of social engineering going on. These people are always messing with normies’ frail minds. That the plot of the show, made last year, foreshadowed today’s headlines is pretty interesting.


Pine Gap also shows clearly that the current imperial culture is dysfunctional. It doesn’t work for people. All of the characters are high-functioning nihilists: workaholics, alcoholics, queers, incels and thots. Their families are absent, broken or dying. The only coherent identity discernable among the degenerate pastiche of characters is a belief in ‘freedom’. Their concept of freedom, however, is merely the freedom to live meaningless, debauched, empty lives as servants of international capital.

Freedom is globohomo, even among the smartest, supposedly most informed debt slaves in the country. That’s a sign of how morally bankrupt the current order has become.

Much was made in the show about the Five Eyes program, the intelligence-sharing arrangement between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A key part of the tension in the show was around Australia losing access to the Five Eyes should we not sign up for a war against China.

The thing is though, it’s not a ‘Five Eyes’ program, because there are not five eyes. There are six. Bibi Mileikowsky revealed that actually Israel’s Unit 8200 is the ‘Second Eye’ in the intelligence-sharing program, second only in size to the USA itself.

You can bet there’s some high-level Kabbalah voodoo going on with Israel being the secret, sixth eye there. It also means that Israel has access to all the intelligence produced by the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The country with several hundred illegal nukes and the country which has committed the most damaging espionage attacks against the USA. The country which controls the US Congress and White House, and engineered the ‘war on terror’ to advance their long-term Zionist strategic objectives. This country has access to everything that goes through the US empire’s intelligence apparatus.

So now we have the most Zionist president in US history sending warships toward the Strait of Hormuz and rattling sabers against the Han Empire, we have to ask ourselves: Are we ready to fight for this? Are we ready to die for this?

We’re always signing up like a little bitch to fight for bankers’ wars. We served bankster-controlled Britain in the Boer War, World War I and World War II. We’ve served the same bankster-controlled USA in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East and six million other places. And now those same banksters are handing over our country to foreigners anyway.

Have we bled enough for this bullshit yet?

Are you ready to die for Zionism?

Nah me neither.

If you’ve got a white nationalist or normie conservative objection to this argument, then that’s really quaint. How much longer is it going to take before you Trump dupes realise that the Western elite is at war with white men? They hate us. They are hell-bent on committing democide against every white, Christian male in the country, and the Trump presidency has done nothing to stop that happening.

They hate us. We’ll get a better deal from our Han masters anyway, and probably infinity waifus, if that’s your thing.

If your objection is based around Christianity and the worry that China would persecute us Christians, then you’re kidding yourself. Our society is becoming just as anti-Christian as China anyway. We have a supposedly Pentecostal Christian PM who won’t even stand by a footy player when he says God punishes sin.

Stop kidding yourselves. There is a time coming soon when being a Christian will cost you everything, and most will fall away. Are we going to do it with a culture that celebrates tranny bathrooms or one that promotes strong Confucian family values?

I pick the less gay option.

Yes, I know that China is still ruled by a communist party the ideology of which goes back to Marxism, which of course is a spiritual daughter of the same Talmudic mystery cult which gave birth to every false religion and ideology coming together to destroy Christian civilisation in these Last Days.

Yes, I know that China has become a nation of robotic insect creatures whose sole purpose in this world seems to be to have more debt shekels than the other bugmen when they die.

Yes, I know that China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative, a grand plan comprised of infrastructure projects valued in the tens of trillions around the world, is probably part of a larger Eurasian strategy to end the 500-year Western thalassocracy.

Yes, I know that this grand Eurasian strategy is part of the ultimate plan of religious Zionism: to end the Christian West’s global domination by ending the system of maritime trade that made us so rich and powerful.

I’m aware of all that. But at this stage I’m quite happy to abandon the false gods of GDP and soulless consumerism in favour of becoming something like human again.

At least, under Chinese domination, we’ll get rid of the globohomo perversion, demographic mudslide and predatory government taxation so we can live normal human lives again without the tyranny of Big Sister constantly forcing us to say 2 + 2 = 5 or lose our job.

At least under China we won’t have tranny teachers in kindergartens brainwashing our kids that they have to play nicely and share their sex toys with Ahmed.

Under America, this is the future we’re facing. A rainbow-haired toddler with a strap-on dildo stamping on a human face, forever.

No thanks. I choose the bugman space pussy imperium.

After they’ve punished us briefly for the century of humiliation we gwailou have forced them to endure, we would become favoured pets in the Greater China Empire. Chinese have a historical track record of treating their tributary client-states respectfully. The Koreans, Viet and Mongols spent centuries as vassals of the Han and there was no demographic replacement required. They leave you alone as long as you hand over the tribute. Given that a certain group of NYC bankers are siphoning off probably half the wealth of the country through government debt and mortgage repayments as things stand now, that sounds like a pretty good deal.

Occupation by a hostile race would be good for us, too. We’re fat, lazy, stupid and decadent. Work camps and stern Han rule would be eugenic.

So send me my yuan, rice comrades. Down with the Yankee imperialists! The East is red, and the future is yellow.

And I for one look forward to this bright new future.

Originally published at www.endtimesherald.com.