The Untermenschen of Weimar Australia


We know where this leads. When you are the member of a group which is singled out by the establishment for systematic dehumanisation, it is only a matter of time before atrocities are carried out against you.

We know this because it’s happened before.

Never again, right?

In 2017 Australia though it’s not the Jews who are dehumanised by a hostile establishment. It’s anyone who speaks plain truths about race, culture, gender or faith.

And sometimes, that’s Jews.

Milo in Melbourne

As has been pointed out many, many times, calling Milo a Nazi has backfired spectacularly upon the lying media. The only thing he has in common with the National Socialists is a fastidious attention to aesthetic detail.

Milo Gold Coast show
Does my gay look gay in this?

He’s a cultural libertarian; a Western chauvinist who, like a jester, uses flamboyance and extravagant ridiculousness as a cover for speaking truths which challenge the powerful.

West is best Milo
You know it’s true.

And although they hated the lying media as much as Milo does, the Nazis were never this funny.

Fairfax fagass

And his crowds aren’t filled with worshipful adherents doing Roman salutes. In fact, they looked really, really normal. And fit. It is the Gold Coast, after all.

Milo crowd Gold Coast

The hysteria and outright bile the establishment media has poured out over the course of the last year against anyone who disagrees with their neo-Marxist identity politics is unprecedented. Every dirty propaganda trick has been played by a far left media desperate to keep control of the narrative, and therefore what is considered acceptable thought in Australia in 2017.

The ultimate weapon they use, every time, is branding anyone who disagrees with the left’s ideology as a Nazi. From the lowest Antifa goblin to the head of the global neo-Marxist cult, Shadow Prez Obama, anyone who defies their totalitarian mind control is immediately mein Fuhrer.

Obama Trump Hitler
Aiyo hol up. You be sayin cracker lives matter wat?

From the Daily Mail piece:

Barack Obama appeared to compare Donald Trump’s presidency to Hitler’s rise to power during a speech in Chicago on Tuesday.

The former president was speaking at an event thrown by the Economic Club of Chicago at a Hilton hotel when he made the remarks. 

Without mentioning the current president, Obama told the gathered audience of 1,800: ‘We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly. 

‘That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph (sic) Hitler rose to dominate. 

‘Sixty million people died.  So you’ve got to pay attention.’  

Sixty million? Now Trump is morally responsible for all the deaths in World War II. Soon the left will be talking in the billions, saying any whites who don’t accept historical guilt are responsible for all the deaths in history.

If you’re not falling on your sword every day in repentance, whitey, you caused the Mongol invasions. The Black Death? You did it. And the Turkish extermination of the Byzantines. All those millions of Aztec temple sacrifices, including the little children?

Evil whitey. It’s all on you, if you don’t accept white guilt and let your civilisation go peacefully to the grave.

As usual, Obama is simply using white guilt as a rhetorical weapon to maintain political power. He’s been shadowing President Trump in every country he visits, obviously working to prop up the globalist power structure in the wake of Trump’s foreign policy successes.

That’s how it always is with the left. Deploy white guilt to make good-natured Westerners give you political power, use it to reward your buddies and form a network of cronies then get fat on the gravy train.

Sam Dastyari monkey
Treason is fine but racism is just unacceptable.

The establishment knows that people are getting sick of this Weinstein-tier mind-rapery. The programming isn’t working as well as it used to. Instead of abandoning it, though, they’re doubling-down on the programming. Literally.

Romper Stomper slobs
You don’t want to be a peroxided slob, do you, kids?

Guaranteed soy aficionado Luke Buckmaster is doing the usual propaganda trick here. It’s not called the lugenpresse for nothing. Knowing that his inner-urban Gen X readers will already be primed with outrage about Milo’s tour, he links it to the upcoming Stan series reviving the Romper Stomper meme against evil dissidents.

This time the target of the streaming service’s new series is obviously nationalist and anti-Islam free speech advocate Blair Cottrell. And just in case you missed that, CNN was kind enough to remind you.

The VERY FAKE NEWS piece was the usual palaver of clichés, smear, innuendo and frightbattery. Professional anti-white campaigner John Safran even made an appearance, kvetching about how these evil Nazis get so much attention.

Getting attention for racial offensiveness is something Safran really knows a lot about.

But it’s not Safran who’s been dehumanised, ridiculed and made into an enemy of the state in postmodern Australia. He’s not the Untermensch, according to the establishment. Instead it’s Mr Cottrell. Not content with slandering him constantly in the media, the far left elite have now devoted an entire TV series to destroying his reputation.

Think about that for a second. What would it be like to know that potentially millions of Australians are going to watch a TV series that portrays you as a fat, angry slob with a dyke hair-do?

Mr Cottrell is not a Nazi. Likening him to the character portrayed by globalist shill Russell Crowe decades ago is outrageous. Does this look like a Nazi to you?

That’s pretty much what I’m going to say to my son when he starts school.

This is exactly the type of persecution that was common in Hitler’s Germany, and it’s being done so that one day free speech advocates, nationalists and all other thought criminals can be liquidated to the cheers of the brainwashed normies.

This is what’s coming if we don’t stand up against it. The left are right to warn about the dangers of identity politics and collectivist authoritarianism. As usual, however, they are projecting. Free thinkers are not the ones laying the groundwork for a postmodern Holocaust. They are.

Milo Juden