The tactical application of LGBT activism in destroying the West

From Twitter.

On the 5th of December 2017, Nova Scotia born porn actress August Ames – whose real name was Mercedes Grabowski – committed suicide after a spate of online bullying attacks which viciously accused her of being homophobic. The internet outrage was sparked by a tweet from Ms Grabowski which brought attention to the fact that a male porn actor whom she was scheduled to work with was a crossover actor, meaning he had worked in gay porn scenes as well as scenes with women.

Ms Grabowski had refused to work with him and had insisted that an actress or actor should have total control as to whom they do a sex scene with, and that it was prudent to ‘do one’s homework’ in the interest of physical health. These sentiments were reiterated when Mercedes responded to some of the abuse by stating unequivocally that she was not a homophobe, and that no-one in the porn industry should be compelled to do anything against their will regardless of the reasons for their discomfort. She stressed that her intentions were not malicious and stated: “I CHOOSE who I have inside my body”.

A few months prior to her suicide Mercedes had spoken about suffering molestation while growing up, during an episode of the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast. She also spoke of issues with mental health and drug abuse. She had by no means led an exemplary life of excellence or ethical mastery, but to be relegated to the all too typical abusive labels was not only woefully inaccurate and unnecessary, it was clearly a key factor in her decision to take her own life, an undertaking which very few women entirely follow through with.

Of particular note is an all too common theme in the abuse spewed forth from Cultural Marxists; not merely the use of ad-hominem labels, but the manner in which the recipient is painted as possessing a vile hatred which supposedly justifies the abuse. The term ‘hate speech’, which is one of the most ill-defined terms in our contemporary vernacular, is overused and has been a critical factor in the creation of laws that curtail free expression. The accusation of being hateful and bigoted seems to be a rallying cry for Cultural Marxists – along with an array of other cowards – to gang up and lay boots into whomever has been singled out. This type of behaviour is often attributed to violent sociopaths, yet it is thoroughly rampant throughout all forms of contemporary media.

Following Mercedes’ now infamous tweet, she responded to the very predictable accusations of homophobia and discrimination with: “Sorry, it was just my opinion. My body, my rules. Honestly I’m sorry if I offended anyone”, which immediately drew the sharks who had now smelt the fresh blood of someone who clearly had intentions of appeasing the mob. Mercedes’ colleagues, along with their bloodthirsty followers began circling. Eli Hunter tweeted: “It’s extremely unfair to be black listed because a ridiculous naive stigmatism created by unethical homophobes”. He also seized the moral high ground by proclaiming, “I have been doing films for over 8 years and have never contracted anything because my health and safety comes first. So yes, offence taken.” Nick Capra also chimed in, tweeting that Mercedes, “may be the stupidest woman I’ve come across in 15 years of this industry” and “Next time use your brain when openly being a c*** on Twitter”. Sinn Sage echoed the sentiments of safety within the porn industry by claiming: “Before your shoot [with] said performer, for a [big] shoot, he would have to get tested, by the same testing companies we all use,” and that “When the results are clear, you are clear to f*** him. AND you can ask to use a condom if you want. So there is literally no reason to discriminate”. At this point it seems fitting to ponder how many people in the broader community would feel comfortable having protected sex with someone they presumed may have HIV/AIDS. But the tirade only continued with Jaxton Wheeler tweeting that the “world is awaiting your apology or for you to swallow a cyanide pill … Either or we’ll take it”. Well Jaxton, looks like she took it. We trust that this outcome is to your liking.

It’s tempting to argue the fact that and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy in the US have expressed grave concern in the disproportionate prevalence of new HIV contraction rates among gay and bisexual men along with transgenders. It’s tempting to point out that they base their concerns on findings published by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention which conducts research into this area and has found that:

“In 2014, gay and bisexual men made up an estimated 2% of the U.S. population, but accounted for 70% of new HIV infections. Approximately 492,000 sexually active gay and bisexual men are at high risk for HIV”.

The allure of arguing a plethora of similar points is strong, but what’s the point now? August Ames is dead and dead she will remain. The only thing that can be salvaged by this tragedy is gaining an understanding of the tactics of the LGBT activist whichever angle they choose to attack from ie Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Pansexual and so on.

The trick is to insist that the subject is hateful and therefore worthy of hate, while simultaneously isolating them from the herd. Not only must the subject be hateful, an unacceptable amount of hatred must clearly emanate from them which may spread and infect others. This in turn means that a small force of noisy agitators is required to pummel them into submission, for without this pummelling, innocent people may be at risk of dying.

How many times have we been told that denying the biological fact of there being no more than two genders causes suicidal anguish among the transgender community? This is a very clever ploy that ultimately claims that any word against LGBT dogma will cause death, and therefore must be obliterated by whatever means necessary. This is a classic case of trans-bullying which is but one component of a broader strategy.

To state the obvious, the Cultural Marxist cares not about love or compassion, they care about destroying Western Civilisation, one social norm at a time. All rhetoric suggesting compassion is merely a disguise to shield them from counter arguments.

So why transgenderism and why now? Well, the last century or so has seen advancements in social equality such as universal suffrage, gay rights and more recently same-sex marriage. In the absence of inequality between the sexes and the acceptance of homosexuality, the Cultural Marxists have needed to fabricate new “genders”, or – more accurately – a new underclass which they can endow with victimhood status. The beauty of this ploy is that by merely stating biological fact – the undeniable existence of only two sexes – the Sociopath/Marxist can immediately claim that they are being oppressed and go on the offensive. Not a particularly sophisticated tactic but very effective in our present climate, and one that is used to devastating effect.

Fortunately, those of us with a shred of decency and a bit of testicular fortitude will not be dragged off to the Ministry of Love so swiftly. Standing up to this type of bullying is fundamental, and the strategy of never backing down, only doubling down, cannot be understated. The facts and data are on our side, and it must be understood that the vile abuse that emanates from the Cultural Marxists is a vivid illustration of their lack of reasonable grounds on which to form views and opinions, let alone formulate solutions to problems.

Do your research, it’s easy. Point out the above data along with whatever else is relevant, such as the absolutely staggering suicide rate among post-op transgender people. Ask them questions. If gender is a social construct, why do transgenders need hormone blockers? Given the fact that many in the transgender community have suffered sexual abuse as children, wouldn’t that be the most significant factor in their suicide rates? Stay calm. Stick to the argument. Remember, you’re just a normal guy or chick trying to get your head around the silliness that’s being emitted into the atmosphere. This makes you the innocent party. Finally, have a bit of fun with it and where possible, laugh because a lot of the bile they desperately thrust on us can be pretty amusing. Anyone observing the exchange will realise which side is more sensible.

August Ames/Mercedes Grabowski was 23 when she committed suicide in her California home.

Rest easy girl.