Preteen channel ABC ME: Gay propaganda aimed at kids


When I was a kid, a day out with the fam might mean a trip to the dam to go yabbying. Or a trip to the dam to go fishing. Or maybe a trip to the dam to go swimming.

Come to think of it, it was basically a trip to the dam.

The pink-haired porpoises at the ABC’s preteen channel ABC ME have a very different idea of what a kid’s day out with the family should look like in the current year.

Fun for everyone!

They think it should be something like this.

Hi dads!

Hi grandad!

Does my coke look coke in this?

Hi mums!

Wow that's gay.

You won’t find many yabbies there. You could get probably crabs though.

ABC ME is targeted at 12-year-olds; that awkward tween age when you’re not a grownup yet and you’re not a little kid anymore. But you are still a child.

The content on the channel is obviously created for a child market.

Year 7 is now gaaaaaay.

A stage of life which cultures that are not sick and degenerate ensure is still innocent, wholesome and uncorrupted. Something ABC ME is working hard to make sure is impossible for parents in Australia in the current year.

These porpoises want you gay.
Needs more rainbow flags.

Dads are gay.

It is also a stage of life which developmental psychologists agree is a crucial time of identity formation. If you look at the popular culture marketed to kids at this stage, the most common theme is about identity and belonging. It’s at around this age that kids begin to form a personal identity away from their parents. Well, that’s according to the theories you learn at uni.

All of these theories come out of the work of Jewish psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, a devotee of the Jewish founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and fellow contributor to the development of cultural Marxism.

So take it with a grain of salt, nam sayin’.

Erikson's stage of made-up psychobabble.

It’s no doubt why the ABC channel targeted at children in this age group is called ME. And it’s also why the channel has become a focus for the neo-Marxist social engineers who want all of society to be as depraved, as perverse and ultimately as miserable as they are.

Now the gay mafia will kvetch at the argument I’m making here. They’ll trot out some fake research about kids killing themselves because no-one asked them if they preferred bumsex. They’ll protest that there is no agenda to brainwash the kids, and certainly no agenda to sexualise children and normalise pedophilia.

Are we going to keep believing them?

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Our culture has been under sustained attack for over 50 years now. Since the first homo grievance marches in the 1970’s, the agenda has been the same: spread corruption, spread decadence, spread despair.

This agenda of moral inversion, particularly in our big cities, is now openly revealing its revolting and Satanic nature.

Snuff Puppets have been commissioned to display at their filth at the Commonwealth Games next month on the Gold Coast. Yay.

This has not happened organically or accidentally, and while the degenerates and broken among us have participated enthusiastically, they did not come up with this program of anti-Christian cultural destabilisation.

Only people who hate us, our faith and everything our civilisation stands for could do that.


But cultural Marxism is just a conspiracy theory.

Tinfoil Pepe