Ban schools, not guns


Another school shooting in the USA, another push from politicians, pundits, and punters to tear up the single most important constitutional right that country has enshrined.

From US News:

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Four students were shot outside a Pittsburgh high school, but no life-threatening injuries have been reported, police said.

Pittsburgh Public Safety and school officials said the shooting occurred outside Westinghouse Academy 6-12 in the Homewood neighbourhood as students were being dismissed Tuesday afternoon.

Police said three male students and a female student appeared to have wounds to their hands and other extremities. Three were taken to a hospital by paramedics and the fourth was transported by a family member, police said. All were in stable condition.

No arrests were immediately reported and officials said it was too early to say whether the shooting appeared targeted or random.

Pittsburgh Public Schools said “a significant law enforcement presence” was securing the safe dismissal of students and staff, and the school would operate remotely Wednesday.

I’ve not yet encountered a single 2nd Amendment abolitionist who is informed by any data. Just emotions and media soundbytes.

Gun bans won’t save lives. Criminals acquire weapons illegally, and abortion, car crashes, and doctor errors are all more predominant causes of death. Ban those.

For example, looking at 2022 USA stats:

  • Gun homicides: 19,384 (Pew)
  • Car crash deaths: 31,785 (NHTSA)
  • Doctor error deaths: ~251,000 (Pubmed)
  • Abortions: 620,327 (Pew/CDC)

People kvetch and moan about banning guns harder every time there is a school shooting. You would literally help more children if you banned schools, since the school environment is demonstrably (statistically) more harmful to children than the rare event of school shootings are.

  • 20% of students are bullied in schools. 6% of male students violently bullied. SRC.
  • 187,000 out of 49.7m students (0.38%) were exposed to gun violence since Columbine. SRC:

So don’t fall for their emotional manipulation when they hold children up as their “concern”. They are just using the victims of school shootings as political grift fodder to bring about their totalitarian communist fantasies.

Banning and restricting guns has been gradually happening anyway, yet has not decreased violent crime, for children, or adults. Banning immigration and abortion would be far more (and instantaneously) effective if you want to stop violent crime and the murder of children. But that’s not what they really want. They want you defenceless when they line you up for a concentration camp because you’re White or middle class. They want to step on your throat with the endorsement of their Great Leader of choice. They just want power, or favour from those in power. They themselves are the evil they project upon you for questioning their lies.

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