Abortion is the Real holocaust


The fake holocaust, a pretext for international Jewry seizing almost total power over the monetary and political machinery of the Western (European) diaspora and its empires, pales in comparison to the REAL current holocaust against Blacks in America, spearheaded by Jews above all other religious, ethnic, and political groups.

The number of prominent Jews on record saying abortion is a religious rite for them should make it obvious who they serve.

Jews have succeeded in enslaving and selling blacks to America and blaming it *all* on whites (yes, White Christians were culpable in the practise of slavery too), enslaving the world into the cult of Mammon (fiat reserve banking sorcery) enslaving and prostituting the German people after WW1, calling on the world to destroy Germany over mostly lies in WW2, and then creating a false narrative of perpetual and unjustifiable victimhood in order to maintain power and the perception in the minds of Whites and Blacks alike that Jews are somehow the true source of civilisation, nobility, and morality in the world. They certainly see themselves that way, but history shows the opposite.

Stop allowing Jews to holocaust Black babies in New York. 50% of Black deaths in America are by abortion.

The REAL holocaust is happening, and it’s Jews killing Blacks, while Whites sit by, depressed and infertile, binging on Jewish porn and Hollywood programming.

And for those who feel that annoying Gamma needing to correct me with “uh, *some* Jews”, I respond with “uh, *some* Germans,” and refer you to the bombings of Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and all the other cities in which millions of Germans were murdered, tortured, or made homeless, and also to the horrific brutalisation of German civilian citizens by Soviet (Jewish) occupiers in the months and years that followed Germany’s surrender. All after Hitler was INSTRUMENTAL in paving the way for the safe haven of Jews in their traditional homeland of Palestine.

You can’t argue that every German deserved to be treated like that because they were German. And I don’t advocate ANY persecution or cruelty against anyone. I just think we need to stop letting foreign satanic religions rule over us and slaughter our children en masse, in utero, with impunity, or worse, with applause.


You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams, and purchase his books here and here.