Food For Thought – Ye Versus The Bloodsuckers

Even Ben Franklin lit the campfires He told you that “Vampires can’t live with Vampires!” – Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The continuing saga of Ye’s crusade against the bad few is sternly unnerving those whom the Zionist Newscorp press characterised this week as “human rights campaigners”.

These fraudulent “human rights campaigners”, who are really operatives of affluent Jewish private intelligence groups who ally with IDF death squads to intentionally murder pregnant gentile women as a “mitzvah”, are seeking to shut down billionaire Ye in fear his voice will normalize anti-Semitism to even wider audiences.

Ye (aka Kanye West) has literally tens of millions of social media subscribers and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), who projects there already to be 1.09 billion people on earth who “harbor anti-Semitic attitudes”, are trying to stymie Ye’s reach.

For example Dvir Abramovich (aka Dvampire) has called on Spotify to dump Ye’s music and Jonathan Greenblatt has seen to it that Adidas cancel their partnership with Ye (even when said partnership had been reportedly generating $3 billion a year which was close to 10 per cent of Adidas’ annual revenue). But this isn’t the first time Greenblatt has strongarmed a German company into making a poor business decision.

But if Abramovich and Greenblatt were trying their best to shut down Ye their approach is blatantly only reinforcing the amplification of the ‘Streisand Effect’.

Their Jewish rationale is if you permeate the proposition that “you are either with the Jews or you’re with the Nazis” people will intuitively comply with their Kosher rapid resolution therapy and fall in line with their Sidney Gottlieb devised MKULTRA mind malware.

But as Ye begins the journey towards becoming based as Payday Monsanto, who epitomizes the counter-culture against ZOG, it is without a doubt that Ye and his supporters will get to the heart of the problem.

Food For Thought.

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