Food For Thought – Mapping The Psychic Driving On The Overton Window Reservation

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

A lot of my speculation about the trajectory of world events resides in how I see the operation mockingbird media cartels, in collusion with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), psychic drive certain people, places and events with their speech.

Remember it doesn’t matter necessarily what sort of yellow journalism fluff is being pumped out about these variables, it boils down to the truism postulated by P. T. Barnum that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

This is how I came to be an early supporter of Trump when he announced in 2015 and how I projected Biden was going to win the Democrat nomination in 2020 when many people were calling me crazy at the time.

The Hegelian Dialectic push to promote a Kosher certified “woke” thesis with approval from the MSM, only to have some Kosher conspiracy grifter “conservative” or “populist” be promoted in the headlines as the antithesis, is how you can ultimately gauge an outcome.

At the moment the MSM is apoplectically herding people to propagandists like Alex Jones at InfoWars via the recent reportage over his civil litigation suits pertaining to defamation. Jones, who makes laughable assertions such as transgenderism being invented by Nazis (as opposed to the Jew Magnus Hirschfeld), is overtly someone who is a part of the Zionist affirming synthesis.

The sorts of commentators, pundits and dissidents outside the parameters of the Overton Window, explicitly characterised in general terms as treif “terrorists”, are ostensibly memory holed in the MSM aggregation and ostensibly relegated to the status of “nonperson”.

So whilst Alex Jones now hedges his bets by backing Ron DeSantis for the Republican nomination, as Trump is raided and pursued by various state and federal agencies overseen by a Democrat administration, the proverbial tea leaves are beginning to be cast for 2024.

With so many of us outside the Overton Window having been arrested for thoughtcrime it would be politically expedient to have Trump return to the White House (even though not ideal). But as it is too early to tell we could all be blown away by Ye (aka Kanye West) commandeering the Oval Office.

Food For Thought.

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