Food For Thought – ZOG’s Hate Knows No Love

Common sense extremism. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

The two-pronged treif existential threat that Finkelthink tries to suppress is beginning to show some seismic cracks.

Hence the great awakening post Mar-a-Lago amongst the American population towards the repressive powers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

From Washington Times:

Public trust in the FBI has fallen to its lowest level in decades in the wake of its raid on former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach estate, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports on Thursday said 53% of voters now agree with former Trump adviser Roger Stone’s 2021 criticism of the nation’s preeminent law enforcement agency as “Biden’s personal Gestapo” — up from 46% in December.

That goes for a lot of independents and Democrats, too. The polls said 49% of independents and 37% of Democrats now agree with Mr. Stone (while 72% of liberals disagree).

To be accurate the FBI (America’s Zionist trained political police) are better defined as Biden’s personal Stasi as opposed to “Gestapo”, as the Democrat party receives more than 50% of its donations from American Jews (who constitute a micro-minority of roughly 2% of the U.S. population).

But in fairness the Republican Party too receives a significant portion of its overall donations from Zionist Jews also.

So who are these folks colluding with the FBI?

Daily reminder that you should hate that which threatens what you love.

Food For Thought.

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