Food For Thought – Name The Lie Dvampire

Big lie much Dvampire? Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Philipp Rupprecht (aka “Fips”) was a political cartoonist who produced work for Julius Streicher’s newspaper Der Stürmer (The Stormer) and who also did the illustrations for Ernst Hiemer’s children’s book Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom).

At the end of the war “Fips” was sentenced to 10 years hard labour, but was released early towards the end of 1950. His former editor Julius Streicher on the other hand was murdered by the Zionist Allied Forces for “crimes against humanity” (although I’ve yet to see any evidence that suggests what Streicher published was libellous/defamatory).

In 1951, the year after “Fips” was released from prison, Prime Minister Robert Menzies initiated a referendum on banning the Australian Communist Party (which ultimately failed when 50.56% of Australians voted against it).

Fast forward to the current year and we can objectively observe how history is not only repeating itself but getting more retarded.

Where Australia once couldn’t ban Communists organising, we’ve now managed to see state after state criminalise the swastika (with up to a year in prison every time it is displayed) and the IHRA working definition of antisemitism being installed as binding law (making it illegal to accuse Jews “as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing”).

Cartoonists are once again being treated like criminals and even children’s books are making so called Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium watch lists…

Based upon personal experience and seeing how a pregnant mother in her pyjamas was criminally pursued for bullshit only to have her charges dropped, as the vexatious civil lawfare circus of defamation plays out, you’ll notice NONE of these people supposedly “combatting hate” are doing anything to alleviate or mitigate hostilities in the community.

Rather they use their cushy platforms via the corporate mockingbird mainstream media cartels and governmental inquiries to antagonize, vilify and indirectly incite violence against individuals and groups dubbed “extremists”, “terrorists” and “security threats”.

Because in the current year White people existing is anti-Semitism you don’t readily see dubious “anti-defamation” groups fighting defamation suits. Rather I suspect they are more concerned with forged passports getting into the hands of Mossad’s Kidon unit so they can physically remove “Nazis” in Australia (so to speak).

Food For Thought.

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