Food For Thought – I Spy With My Big Lie

To nuke, or not to nuke, that is the question. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The ever present Nuclear Holocaust has often been warned about on a spectrum from the likes of Lyndon LaRouche on the idiosyncratic “lunar right” all the way over to the shabby malcontent “moonbats” on the Green Left that flock to the defence of the lying liberal mockingbird media.

Like a conspiratorial Tom Clancy spy novel co-created by Steve Pieczenik the clear and present danger to the world are those pesky anti-American operatives holidaying at $160 million dollar resort in Florida who are the real ‘sum of all fears’ (so to speak).

From The Guardian

Mar-a-Lago – the Palm Beach resort and residence where Donald Trump reportedly stored nuclear secrets among a trove of highly classified documents for 18 months since leaving the White House – is a magnet for foreign spies, former intelligence officials have warned.

The Washington Post reported that a document describing an unspecified foreign government’s defences, including its nuclear capabilities, was one of the many highly secret papers Trump took away from the White House when he left office in January 2021.

There were also documents marked SAP, for Special-Access Programmes, which are often about US intelligence operations and whose circulation is severely restricted, even among administration officials with top security clearance.

Potentially most disturbing of all, there were papers stamped HCS, Humint Control Systems, involving human intelligence gathered from agents in enemy countries, whose lives would be in danger if their identities were compromised.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is conducting a damage assessment review which is focused on the sensitivity of the documents, but US officials said it is the job of FBI counter-intelligence to assess who may have gained access to them.

The FBI, who have bankrolled the brainwashing, drugging and entrapment of minors belonging to an ostensible edgy propaganda network calling itself “Atomwaffen” (German for Atomic Weapons), are praised by the black bloc ancoms who’ve been calling for the defunding of local law enforcement.

Trump, who has drawn zealous support from LaRouchePAC (much to the chagrin of the liberal media), is cast as the vociferous villain engaging in Manhattan Project Kidon diplomacy.

Rest assured these two narratives help to amplify dinky di mutual assured destruction in a country bedevilled by “green energy” cognitive dissonance, where nuclear energy is outlawed and said country hosts 33% of the world’s uranium deposits (yet no nuclear weapons).

But according to Crikey she’ll be right cobber.

Food For Thought.

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