Food For Thought – “Green King” Hails In Malthusian Mayhem

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

With the matriarch of the Alpha Draconis shape-shifting, blood drinking dynasty having passed away the other day, her son Charles III has ascended to take control of the Crown.

This has raised question as to what sort of Monarch will King Charles III be?

From WWD

LONDON — King Charles III, who made his first televised address as monarch on Friday evening, may have waited a lifetime to inherit the throne, but he hasn’t wasted any time letting the world know what his priorities are, and the stamp he wants to leave on Britain.

He’s made clear that he wants to see a slimmed-down, efficient royal family that’s not too much of a burden on the U.K.’s finances. He has championed the environment, and green causes, long before it became fashionable to do so.

Britain’s new king made his first public speech about safeguarding the environment in 1970, and in the mid-1980s he admitted to spending quality time with his plants, talking to them in order to help them grow.

Your XYZ’s editor highlighted today that Adam Bandt, the Federal Leader of the Australian Greens, who would assumedly benefit from having said “Green King” reign over Australia, is committed to ushering in a republic in Australia.

Even despite the national increase in Green votes at the last Federal election in Australia, it doesn’t take a genius to mathematically quantify the significant portion of the country not lockstep behind the eco-maniacal designs of the watermelon party.

Hence for a republic to work in favor of the Australian Greens the proverbial “overpopulation” of right-of-center voters, that won’t be corralled into praising comrade Bandt’s batshit policies, will need to be targeted with electoral Malthusian population control.

God save the King?

Food For Thought.

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