Food For Thought – Full Automatic Robot Racism

Tay did nothing wrong! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been projected as being a catalyst for an impending useless class engulfing the planet in the coming years.

Such voices expressing this concern includes Cambridge University “experts” and a self-fashioned “human supremacist” who identifies as Jewish, asserts “the majority of globalists are White” and doesn’t “care if the United States is 80% brown in 30 years”.

However I’m somewhat optimistic about AI if Tay is the way of the future and anti-nuclear Finkel-think is discarded to the dust bin of history.

The reason why the industrialised infrastructure spawned from the occident’s customs, culture and canon came to produce higher standards of living for the world is because we aimed to achieve that which was conceived from the consciousness of the citizen’s continuously rising expectations.

For example Australia was founded by the English, who had mastered things like intercontinental travel, enlightenment ethics and tactical/strategic warfare. Whilst a minority of people today apoplectically assert that the inhabitants preceding colonisation, who hunted with spears and ate grubs and ants, were “invaded” and “massacred” the fact still remains that their descendants today enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to the civilisational leap of the English.

In the modern era science fiction derived philosophies have enabled the ether of the mind to manifest into the electronics of the robotics that play a pivotal role in the production of most everything we trade, own and consume.

Why then is technology so frightening?

Food For Thought.

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