Food For Thought – Don’t Bring A Senile Ice Cream Spoon Sucker To A Gun Fight

I see you’ve played knifey spooney before. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Remember when Kathy Griffin held up a bloodied decapitated mock Trump head, Jewish toad Tim Wise advocated turning MAGA Republican children into “functional orphans” and Stephen Paddock mass murdered what Democrat media talking heads called “gun-toting repugs”?

I sure as heck remember.

Hence you’ll have to forgive me if I scoff once again at the Commander in Thief Joe Biden regarding his latest comments:


US President Joe Biden took fierce aim Thursday at Donald Trump and his “extremist” supporters, labeling them enemies of American democracy in a prime-time address that sought to fire up voters ahead of key midterm elections.

Speaking in Philadelphia, the cradle of US democracy, the president launched an extraordinary assault on those Republicans who embrace Trump’s “Make America Great Again” ideology — and urged his own supporters to fight back.

“They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

Citing the nationwide assault on abortion rights by hardline conservatives — and fears for other freedoms ranging from contraception access to same-sex marriage — the US leader charged that “MAGA forces” were “determined to take this country backwards.”

Never mind that the full automatic Jewish negro rioters which Biden’s base of kosher certified unhinged mutant shit demons refers to as “mostly peaceful protesters” are the primary cause of anger, chaos and lies.

But with half of America woke to the great replacement and the reality of violence and terrorism becoming clear, don’t be surprised if Biden is preaching a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Food For Thought.

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