Food For Thought – Political Magic And Ideological Virtual Reality

Lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino knew how to wage a Mind War. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

In the Weekend Australian Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan wrote in the concluding paragraph of his article titled ‘Focus On The Right Crisis’:

“It would take an ASIO cryptographer of rare and imaginative skill to discover today what the Liberals and Nationals believe in and will fight for.”

One may rightly correct Sheridan’s sentence by suggesting that the Anglo-American intelligence establishment aren’t so much out to “discover” what either political cartel “believe in” but rather manufacture what said cartels are meant to mystify the public with.

For example the libtards over at Crikey last month were trying to convince readers, with operation mockingbird tier talking points, that “Australia has been living in a theocracy” under Scott Morrison. If you’ve ever read James Mason’s The Theocrat the notion of Morrison leading a theocracy in this country is like suggesting Mike Tyson is a neurosurgeon.

This sort of coercive control mind malware, disseminated by the Microsoft Network (MSN) media aggregation, has led delusional sycophants to snitch on their father for attending a Fed incited entrapment operation at the Capitol on January 6th.

What Trump had done on the lead up to and after the Capitol shitshow speaks to how the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago property recently is being utilised as a two-pronged psyop to corral the divided populace into complying with step two of Finkelthink.

By gaslighting RWDS memeing voters (who too have had feds rocking up at their doors) and gaslighting moonbats to interpret the several pending investigations against Trump as a culminating form of “justice” (dished out by the establishment), competing “expectations” are mollified by the “technicians” in charge.

The myriad of three letter intelligence agencies, who look upon genuine principled ideologists as antiquated a means to power as the horse and buggy are to the car with regards to transport, prefer a populace that refrains from critical reflection and conforms with calculated fluff.

If only we lived under an actual theocracy at this point instead of an atheistic mixed-race multitude transfixed to smartphone circulated celebrity gossip and a multifaceted social media dopamine feedback loop shilling propaganda.

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