Food For Thought – Neil Erikson Did Nothing Wrong

#FeeNeilErikson. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The ruling handed down by Chief Judge Peter Kidd against supremely based Neil Erikson, in relation to section 21 of the Summary Offences Act 1966, is in my humble opinion a travesty to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of assembly in the state of Victoria.

Neil, who had exposed the duplicitous degeneracy of a “church” calling itself “Christian” whilst harbouring sodomites whom the KJV of the Bible explicitly aligns with “the abominations of the nations”, is far more a scripturally sincere manifestation of freedom of religion than those whom Chief Judge Peter Kidd sided with.

The semantic word clearing by Judge Kidd honed in on the word “disturbance” and “disturbs”. Frankly I would suggest that if these alleged rainbow flag waving “Christians” derived “disturbance” from Neil’s honest, truthful and scripturally backed speech then it is these questionable “Christians” whom are lacking in religious integrity.

Neil, who has been in the physical crosshairs of the Victorian government, has consistently personified the iconic Aussie larrikin spirit in testing the tyrannical repression of political policing powers in our state that serves the interests of Purim observing cosmopolitan plutocrats, politicians and presstitutes.

Personally when I’d first experienced these policing powers firsthand (a week after Biden stole the 2020 elections) Neil was one of the first people to reach out with prayers and support.

Consistently I’ve said Neil Erikson has the consummate energy of Alex Jones and the degree of notoriety in the autonomous socialist republic of Melbourne that Christopher Cantwell has in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Neil Erikson is both a maverick and a blessing to the state of Victoria and Australia more broadly. If there were more people like Neil there would be less wrong in the world.

Food For Thought.

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