Food For Thought – ‘Far-Right Extremism’ Will Continue To Spread Because The Government And Media Are Bastards

Dickhead Dan wants to see Victoria burn. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The Inquiry into Far-Right Extremism in Victoria has released a report proposing some 12 recommendations as to how to counter its spread and Dvir Abramovich is naturally wringing his hands about it.

The Inquiry was chaired by whore Fiona Patten Patten MLC.

The 12 recommendations include:

RECOMMENDATION 1: That the Victorian Government and Members of Parliament seek ways to build public trust in the Parliament, including developing measures to improve transparency. This should include investigating the potential benefits of introducing an integrity charter.

RECOMMENDATION 2: That the Government consider funding research investigating the links between extremism and family violence, anti‑women or anti‑feminist sentiment, and masculinity to identify further opportunities for counter‑extremism measures.

RECOMMENDATION 3: That the Victorian Government continue to implement the recommendations from the Legislative Assembly Legal and Social Issues Committee’s report on the Inquiry into anti‑vilification protections, in particular recommendations 33 and 34.

RECOMMENDATION 4: That in future public health emergencies, the Victorian Government build on its outreach and communication efforts during the COVID‑19 pandemic to ensure that there is an emphasis on public information that is in plain language, timely, accessible and easy to interpret.

RECOMMENDATION 5: That the Victorian Government ensure all of Victoria’s countering violent extremism programs, including but not limited to the community integration support program (CISP), continue to be reviewed externally on a regular basis to ensure that they are effective and adapting to the evolving extremism landscape.

RECOMMENDATION 6: That the Victorian Government develop a strategy to support community‑driven social cohesion initiatives aimed at building connections and trust amongst community members and between community members and civic institutions.

RECOMMENDATION 7: That the Victorian Government support the ongoing provision of existing anti‑racism education programs and actively seek to improve and increase the provision of such programs in the community.

RECOMMENDATION 8: The Victorian Government should review the digital and critical literacy skills taught via the primary and secondary school curriculum to identify opportunities for improvement and expansion.

RECOMMENDATION 9: That the Victorian Government ensure youth workers are adequately and appropriately resourced to provide effective service delivery of youth supports and programs aimed at strengthening trust and social connectedness and mitigating the risks of radicalisation. Further, that youth workers are proactively engaged and consulted in the development and implementation of the Government’s youth policies and strategies.

RECOMMENDATION 10: That the Victorian Government review whether the Firearms Act 1996 should be amended to expand the fit and proper person test to include people who are members of violent extremist groups.

RECOMMENDATION 11: That the Victorian Government through National Cabinet advocate for the introduction of a national, cross‑jurisdictional database of registered firearms and firearms licence holders.

RECOMMENDATION 12: That the Victorian Government advocate to the Commonwealth Government for the proscription of extremist organisations active in Victoria which clearly meet the legal tests for engaging in preparing, planning, assisting or fostering the doing of a terrorist act, or advocating the doing of a terrorist act.

You’ll notice none of the recommendations listed above are reflective of the concerns formally expressed to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’s (PJCIS) Inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism by myself or Simon Hickey or Jack Blackthorn or Jacob Hersant (as spokesman for the NSN).

The Inquiry, which is acutely aware of how much seething hatred there is in the community towards the government, media and their Stasi tier political police, have determined thusly that tougher gun control on “extremists”, feminist LGBTIQAPP+ anti-racism “deradicalization” curriculums and beefing up of “anti-vilification” laws is how you win over the public.

With terrorism documented as working and pre-crime on the rise, it is worth repeating the words of activist, pundit and political prisoner Christopher Cantwell, who said on the 29th June, 2018 to a former Newsweek presstitute turned SPLC “researcher”:


Food For Thought.

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