Food For Thought – A Clockwork Oysvorf

This is your brain on Zionism. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

It’s been noted previously that those who define terrorism and deal out neuroleptic narcotisation for the inversion of health are committed to a strategy of Rapid Resolution reprogramming.

From The Jerusalem Post

IF CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, cures individuals caught in this perceptual cyclone of negativity, perhaps ZBT – Zionist behavioral therapy – can cure anti-Zionist SICos sucked into this vortex of lies. Reframing begins with understanding the Zionist trinity: that (one) Jews are a people, with (two) a 3,500-year-old love affair with one piece of land, and (three) the right to establish a state on that homeland.

ZBT emphasizes studying, not stretching or straining; investigating, not indicting; and accepting complexity while viewing everything in proportion, without exaggerating or oversimplifying. Going beyond perception into matters of tone and tactics, ZBT also involves talking, not yelling; listening generously, not judging harshly; leaning in, not cutting out.

These approaches are best mastered up close in Israel. That’s why the tourists crowding Jerusalem’s streets for the first time in two years are so welcome.

But you can reframe with ZBT anywhere, anytime, by opening your mind and maybe even a book, rather than being closed-minded, coldhearted, and so thickheaded and soul-shriveled you see the complex, ultimately redemptive, 3,500-year-old Jewish journey as a one-way march to Zionist villainy.

Organised Jewry loves to call that which contradicts their demonstrably fallacious narratives as a “vortex of lies” because they routinely suggest that the notion of a “lying Jew” is ostensibly an “anti-Semitic canard”.

Their battle cry of “antisemitism upholds White Supremacy” glibly posits that Whiteness and White people are antithetical to Jewish survival. Thusly the “ZBT” components of “studying”, “investigating” and “accepting complexity” seem only to be valid in form when it reinforces the views of Zionism.

Because “opening your mind and maybe even a book” is increasingly becoming a rather radical proposition, as deranged intersectional dogma dictates the trajectory of politically correct thought and many White titles are being blacklisted from the largest e-commerce marketplace.

Whilst correlation does not imply causation some people would say precedent embalms a principle.

Food For Thought.

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