You Are The Hero You’ve Been Waiting For


Well, folks, as I pause to examine myself, I find I’ve been once again narrating current events reactively, with righteous disgust and outrage, and with a little too much hope in the upcoming Australian election presenting some change for the good.

This was the mistake I made in late 2020, culminating on January 6th, 2021, in what was a pretty devastating disappointment in the man I had put too much hope in; Donald Trump.

I’ve been studying leaders and radicals for over 6 years now, interviewing as many of them as I could, as well as checking their claims against historical records and the counter-mainstream narratives they subscribe to. I’ve found little truth in the establishment, and great depths of (sometimes shocking) truth in the fringes. I’ve met and engaged with dozens of bold men who incline towards leadership, and have seen the potential for heroism in so many of them. The best of them are living it already, mind, body, and spirit, and they are the ones I continue to follow and admire.

But the truth is, there’s not enough heroic men. Men in the West are struggling to even be heroes to their own families and friends, let alone to their country, race, or church. The covid scam has exposed just how deeply the cowardice and ignorance runs in most men.

My sincere belief, despite a desire to hope otherwise, is that there is no political solution, nor system of governance, nor figurehead, parliamentary bench, prime minister, nor Emperor who can replace the sovereign man as his own hero, and the hero to his immediate tribe. Part of the problem is that we’ve been programmed to outsource heroism instead of strive for it. Sure, there are plenty of men I know who would be better suited to the thrones than any of the disgusting parasites who currently rule us, but most of the men I admire would never get a look into the extant political framework, because it has been designed and reinforced to exclude them.

The system is rotten to the core and destined to die. What will replace it?

Without heroes, all that will replace it will be more corrupt systems operated by more villains. The solution is NOT top-down and overnight; it is bottom-up and over-millennia. It starts with YOU!

My heart’s calling is to help, and to use the talents God has given me to help. I’ve been raising my own junior heroes for a decade now, and honestly studying history, literature, culture, politics, and radical “reactionaries” for almost as long. But being reactionary is a mistake. It’s a defensive, delayed position. It follows the Enemy, instead of leading the Tribe.

I’ve struggled to know how to use my voice, talents, and platforms for real, sustained good. Taking a long time off from public broadcasting and standing back somewhat to watch the last two years unfold, my faith in the current ways of things has never been smaller. But I look around me and still see so many men who have everything they need to BE THE CHANGE. Our generation carries much trauma and baggage, as well as toxic, detrimental narratives that separate us from God and Nation, and leave us atomised and primed for enslavement.

Looking back over my Foxgrams post history, I see that I have not been immune to this reactionary lameness myself. It is very tempting to wax outrage instead of doing push-ups and reading a great book, but it should be obvious to any honest man which path is better for the man, his family, his Nation, and the world.

God helps those who help themselves, because he wants us powerful enough to help each other. For me, and what I’m doing online, it’s time to realign. No more re-action. Time for PRO-ACTION! It starts with THE MAN standing on his own two feet. It’s heartbreaking how difficult that is for our generation, but we were stunted by our sick society, and the only choice now is to grow in strength and power, or to wither within our self-imposed prisons.

The good news that I’ve discovered is that this heroic path is easier to walk than you think. It’s a straight and narrow path, one foot before the last. The path of folly is wide and full of distractions, but the Godly path is more simple and repetitive than any of the modern self-love gurus will tell you. You simply have to die to yourself and live for others, habitually. We all have hurdles in that, we’re all fallen and instinctively inclined towards selfishness, and Lord knows the world is screaming at you to be as selfish as possible. That’s because the world is currently ruled by the Enemy.

Does the Enemy rule because he’s more powerful than the Lord? Certainly not. So why does Jesus allow us to live in this meat grinder of a prison planet? Is it because he hates us and has abandoned us to suffering? No. It’s because only through WILLING suffering are heroes born. It’s not that you have suffered too much, that’s a victim narrative. It’s that you haven’t CHOSEN to suffer for those you love. It is self-evident that we only get stronger by enduring sustained, controlled, repetitive suffering. This is why you’ll learn more about yourself and God under a barbell than you will in most modern churches. This is why is prayers have more power if they are recited during a set of burpees. This is why the pain of muscle recovery is more pleasurable than any drug, for those who have unlocked the secret of willing suffering. And those men are obviously identifiable to others around them, because their bodies are hard, symmetrical, and statuesque, and they exude Godly power. They are far too rare though. There’s no reason outside of ourselves why we can’t all be like that. There are no excuses. Some of the men leading the way in this found it in prison cells, with no equipment and no protein shakes; just by discipline, good habits, and allowing no lies or demoralisation to derail them from within.

God gave you this life to challenge you to become the hero you’ve been waiting for. YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR LIFE, if you pick up your cross and do the work. Your suffering is the fuel for your hero’s journey, and will be the salve for the easement of other’s suffering. That’s the gig.

This is the work that matters, and no amount of exposing truth or calling out evil is worth a damn if it is not backed up with ACTION.

You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams, and purchase his books here and here.

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James Fox Higgins is a husband, father, writer, musician, multimedia producer, and entrepreneur. He is a Christian nationalist, patriarch, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of European civilisation and cultures. After a long career as an entertainer, James built himself a studio/gym/library in the rainforest of a Australia, and enjoys homesteading with his family, reading classical European literature to his sons, training in classical Japanese martial arts, lifting weights, writing science fiction novels ( ), recording original christian music ( ) and publishing his unpopular opinions about religion, philosophy, and politics.