This is a Prison Planet


All of the people in Australia who thought they were living the dream by “owning their own home” are starting to find out that it is and was always a lie. Interest rates will generally rise, inflation never ever stops, your weekly wage doesn’t increase to index against the coming $10, $20, $50, $100 1L bottle of milk.

And inflation rises under NORMAL circumstances. You can’t even begin to fathom the economic fallout of the endless “stimulus” packages that our ZOGs are rolling out in “response” to these artificial and ZOG-made crises in the world. The welfare cheque your government gives you out of ostensible compassion will later be taken back from you and your children in the form of (literal) blood, sweat, and tears.

On top of that, millions will lose their jobs for non-compliance with big pharma subscription demands (which are ostensibly “free”, but in reality are our governments selling our children to mega corporations for both financial and medical enslavement), and many of those who do comply will be rendered unable to work by the poisons they have injected into their veins at the behest of their wretched Masters.

When (not if) you can’t afford to service your mortgage anymore, for reasons completely out of your control, then you will find out who really owns your home and who really owns you.

I intuited from a young age that our current concept of money is nothing short of an evil scam, and I watched my peers and their parents eagerly get themselves into deep debt to the usurers, believing it was their ticket to the dream life.

I noticed as a child how the spending power of my pocket money decreased over time.

I noticed that my parents worked harder over time but made less progress against these evil, parasitic, and artificial conditions.

Until we go to war with the Mammon cult that makes the whole sick world turn, we will never see the end of, nor even a decrease in, evil and treacherous acts against humanity by those who benefit most from the Usury Scam.

This is a prison planet run by Jewish Bankers, and the corporations and governments that serve THEIR agenda.

Everything else is theatre, including politics, war, and pandemics.

It will only get worse and harder for you and your family and descendants until we break the Beast’s back and replace it completely with a monetary and economic system not based on Sorcery and Lies.

You are a slave. You won’t be free until we all reject (or some of us succeed in destroying) the foundational mechanisms of our slavery, which are Fiat Currency (fake money), Fractional Reserve Banking (money as debt), and Usury (predatory interest on loans).

You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams, and purchase his books here and here.

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James Fox Higgins is a husband, father, writer, musician, multimedia producer, and entrepreneur. He is a Christian nationalist, patriarch, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of European civilisation and cultures. After a long career as an entertainer, James built himself a studio/gym/library in the rainforest of a Australia, and enjoys homesteading with his family, reading classical European literature to his sons, training in classical Japanese martial arts, lifting weights, writing science fiction novels ( ), recording original christian music ( ) and publishing his unpopular opinions about religion, philosophy, and politics.