Trudeau invokes Emergency Act to stop Freedom Convoy: This means it’s working


Escalation. Radicalisation.

This is good. Very, very good.

From PJ Media:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in an unprecedented action, announced on Monday that he is invoking the never-before-used Emergencies Act to try and put a stop to the Freedom Convoys that have shut down traffic—and much of the commerce—in Canada. The truckers, protesting vaccine mandates, have clogged roads, leading to chaos on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. Among other actions, the Canadian government will freeze the assets of truck owners participating in the protests and suspend their insurance policies. In addition, the prime minister said that, under the Emergencies Act, the government will have the power to “compel” tow-truck drivers to remove rigs blocking roads, which sounds an awful lot like forced labor, i.e. slavery….

Trudeau assured Canadians that he is “not using the Emergency Powers Act to deploy the military.”

Ah, yeah, about that:

Deputy PM Christia Freeland explained that the Emergencies Act will be used to cut off financial support to the protesters. “This is about following the money,” she said. “This is about stopping the financing of the illegal blockades.”

“Consider yourself warned. If your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen, the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended. Send your rigs home,” she said, adding that the government’s powers would include cracking down on crowdfunding sites, making them register with the government, and freezing the assets of those involved in helping to fund the protests.

If you wonder what we mean when we talk about Western governments using the sniffles as a pretext with which to place us in a digital prison, this is it:

  • A government introduces Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates.
  • Freedom protesters oppose Covid Tyranny.
  • Government denies access to traditional sources of funding and support for Freedom protesters.
  • Freedom protesters turn to alternative methods of funding, which in turn are cut off.
  • So-called private companies become tools of government control, both to deny access to dissidents and to monitor them for surveillance and prosecution purposes.

You know how the Lying Press tries to tell us that rising Covid cases and deaths among vaccine recipients means the vaccines are working? Well…

Most Freedom protesters in Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe maintain the goal of either making the major political parties responsive to their demands, or to bolster independent parties who will be. What they don’t yet grasp is that the major political parties are beholden to the central banks and globalist institutions, and actively oppose the interests of indigenous White people. Furthermore the democratic system ensures that minor parties remain minor, or are coopted under the Globohomo banner if ever they rise to prominence.

Therefore, Western political rulers are reliant upon Freedom protesters maintaining their faith in the democratic system because that means they will never do anything to genuinely endager their position.

The beauty of the trucker blockades is that it takes a key lever of control out of the government’s hand and forces the government to escalate the repression, thus intensifying opposition. Governments are happy to artificially create supply shortages to manipulate the population into submitting to its latest Covid measure or social engineering project, but the blockades mean the government cannot relieve the pressure if opposition becomes too intense.

Thus unprecedented tyranny, such as invoking an Emergency Act, is required to restore control over supply lines to prevent the strengthening of opposition, but in doing so they risk inflaming that which they wish to stamp out.

What this means is that Covid dissidents should intensify the trucker blockades which have already spread across the West.

This will force Globohomo’s hand to drop the pretence of civility, and thus radicalise Western populations further. Not only will this increase the likelihood of victory against Covid tyranny, it will increase the likelihood that the system of Liberal Tyranny which underlies Covid Tyranny will be overthrown.

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