Why is China being pushed as the single greatest threat to the West?


One thing I DON’T like about the Australian would-be resistance leaders like Riccardo Bosi and Aussie Cossack is that they continually point to China as the Great Enemy, thus parroting the exact sentiments of the Jewish media and the ZOG-serving parliamentarians and tech-sector giants. I like a lot of what Bosi says, and I have read his entire A1 preliminary policy paper and found most of it highly agreeable. However, I have also seen him turn to a vapour cloud of irrational defensiveness when a reasonable friend of mine (David Hiscox who wrote this¬†article) raised the Jewish question with him in an interview. It triggered him so hard, and he was dismissive and resorted to ad hominem attacks instead of engaging with the topic in a serious fashion. You may not agree with or understand the issues surrounding the aeons-old Jewish question, but sticking your head in the sand and pretending its just a post-WW2 Nazi hangover ideology, and not a serious issue that dates back many thousands of years, doesn’t make it go away.

Why is China being pushed and pushed and pushed as the single greatest threat to the West?

Is it because they are a Nationalist state, who are actually succeeding at serving the interests of their primary ethnic group, the Han, as well as of the ethnic minorities of true Chinese origin?

Is it because they have rejected the Jewish oligarchy and kept it out of power in their own territories? (I don’t know that for a fact, but it seems to me to be the case)

I’ve heard multiple perspectives on the issue of the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in the North West, but having not seen first-hand what is going on there, I am loathe to make a final or absolute judgment about it. What I do know for sure is that Xi’s China holds a HARD LINE in protecting the interests of the Han + Chinese nation(s), it sees its blood as unique and irreplaceable, and it honours its own traditional culture and spiritual/philosophical values above those of foreign interests (even disempowered ones like the Muslims) who mean to disrupt the internal affairs of the Chinese nation writ large. And yes, Muslims seek to disrupt, conquer, and convert the survivors by force. It is the very essence of that satanic religion; a handbook for holy war and global conquest. The fact that Western nations do NOT keep their Muslim diasporas under very close watch, and attempt to program them into assimilation, is not a moral virtue, but a sign of great weakness, for which we have already paid far too high a price.

What if China is being painted at the Great Enemy because it is a rising Nationalist Empire, one committed to trade over war, and one which has established a strong meritocracy that seeks out and rewards internal talent, and also works closely with foreign experts and friends abroad to keep a clear international perspective, whilst not cucking to foreign interests at the expense of its own people?

Many people on our side of politics are familiar with the phrase “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Riccardo Bosi seems, thus far, not allowed to criticize Jewish Zionism or the over-representation of dual-citizen Jews in powerful organisations in the West, therefore, they are probably his masters. Or he’s just a typical Boomer with his head in the sand, who believes in “Judeo-Christianity”, one of the most toxic and wretched lies ever invented to subvert Christendom.

Given that Israel is off limits for criticism by Western nations, and China is the target of a daily propaganda assault by all factions of the mainstream media (left and right), I’m willing to bet that most of what we are told about China is utter baloney.

I read other sources, I talk to people who live and work in China regularly, and I’ve been there myself. They are far freer and less oppressed in China than we are here, currently. This is not an endorsement of everything the CCP does. I wouldn’t want to live under a lot of their policies, but their policies are not made for me or for the West. They are made for the Chinese, and from the overwhelming evidence I have seen from numerous vectors, China is doing well on all fronts and will be the most powerful nation of the 21st century.

Why else do you think the (((Western))) authorities are pushing so hard for a war over Taiwan, even though every sensible Australian and American knows we could never win, and there’s nothing in it for us?

I would encourage all Australians to beware of the anti-China narrative, and rather than give in to the temptation to demonise Xi or the Chinese people, look closer at what is happening in China, why Putin and Russia have such strong relations with China (despite being extremely different culturally and religiously) and let’s start examining what we could learn from both China and Russia about saving and revivifying the European nations, as they are doing so well in the East, while the West slowly burns down to ashes.

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